Is germen cockroach dangerous?  How to terminate them?

Any type of cockroaches’ species is nasty, and filthy. But germen cockroaches are specially so dirty, difficult to deal with pests, and unhealthy to have pests. In addition to that they are not the pests that will easily leave your house once entered. But with a proper plan they can be terminated.

Life cycle of germen cockroach

Germen cockroaches are generally grown as eggs, nymphs and adult. There color ranges from light brown to almost black tone. Female germen roaches lay the light brown capsule looking eggs. They are less than ¼ in size. Germen cockroaches are typically 1.1 to 1.6 inch long.

Why germen cockroach dangerous?

How to deal with them?

They are attracted by dirt, as it easily fulfills their needs of hiding and breeding. Just like human food and water is needed for pest too. The moisture and smell of food are a great invitation to invite pests inside. When you are suffering from cockroaches it is necessary to take action to kill them.

 If you are someone who prefers safety too, organic pesticides are a safe solution to get rid of them. Sprays are the best and most instant solution to get rid of flying roaches.        


  • Feb 08, 2023
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