Is germen cockroach dangerous?  How to terminate them?

Any type of cockroach species is nasty and filthy. But German cockroaches are dirty, challenging to deal with pests, and unhealthy to have insects. In addition to that, they are not pests that will quickly leave your house once entered. But with a proper plan, they can be terminated.

The life cycle of a German cockroach

German cockroaches are generally grown as eggs, nymphs, and adults. Their color ranges from light brown to almost black tone. Female German roaches lay golden brown capsule-looking eggs. They are less than ¼ in size. German cockroaches are typically 1.1 to 1.6 inches long.

Diseases German cockroaches can carry

German cockroaches carry dangerous diseases like food poisoning, dysentery, E.Coli, and asthma-like allergies. Their spreading, feces, and shredded skin can trigger asthma-like symptoms in kids. In addition, German roaches contaminate food with bacteria and also cause harm to fabric and paper. Furthermore, cockroaches can leave a musky odor behind, leading to extreme nuisance in the home. Therefore, they are also highly to get rid of.

How to deal with them?

They are attracted by dirt, as it easily fulfills their needs of hiding and breeding. Just like human food and water is needed for pest too. The moisture and smell of food are a great invitation to invite pests inside. When you are suffering from cockroaches, it is necessary to take action to kill them.

 If you prefer safety too, organic pesticides are a safe solution to get rid of them. However, sprays are the best and most instant solution to eliminate flying roaches.     

  • Fix any leakage problem in the home.

  • Food is a major attraction of the cockroach. It quickly gets attracted by the leftovers. So keep the food covered or in sealed pack packets.

  • Wash and clean any spills or crumbs immediately.

  • Keep the sink from filling with unwashed dishes overnight. Clean any access water before sleep.

  • Keep the garbage can closed with a lid. And throw out the trash daily.

Cockroach killer gel

Roach gel bait is the best solution to eliminate the cockroach effectively, completely, and hassle-free. Pai Organics cockroach gel bait is based on fipronil (0.5%) as an active ingredient. Other compounds are used to attract the roaches to eat the bait. It gives you quick control over the cockroach population. Cockroach dots doesn't kill the bugs immediately but make a chain to terminate all the cockroaches. 

It is a high-consumption gel bait with an attractive food fragrance to lure the roaches. Cockroach-dot provides long-lasting results. It targets all species of cockroach and eliminates them from your home. 

Roaches are difficult pests; German roaches are the most difficult to eliminate. But it is possible to deal with them. With the help of the correct method and technique, they can be permanently kicked out of your sweet home. 



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