Is it possible to get rid of 100% cockroaches?

People could love animals, and pets like cats or dogs, but not love pests in their homes. Pests indicate nuisance. Any type of pest infestation means headaches and frustration. Especially when you have one of those pest infestations difficult to eradicate like a cockroach.

A cockroach can stay well in extreme conditions and with limited resources. Cockroaches prefer to live in dark places and hide in small cracks and crevices which makes it even more difficult to find and terminate them.

Roaches are difficult to deal with

Cockroaches are ancient insects. They can survive the nuclear bomb and can stay alive for weeks after losing their head. Cockroaches are scavengers and eat anything they come across in extreme hunger. Food from the garbage can crumbs on the floor, and scrapping leftover food are a few of their favorite dishes.

If you leave the food uncovered inside the refrigerator or pantry roaches will easily make their way inside by the following smell. Similar to food cockroaches are also interested in moist areas. And moisture is one of their necessities to choose for staying.

How to deal with roach infestation?

Boric acid/powder, baking soda, and diatomaceous earth are believed to be the best solution to get rid of roaches. Dust the powder in corners and floors and let the cockroach roam around. These products will stick to the roach body and kill them by dehydration process.

Neem has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times. Neem is the best bio-pesticide to deal with these horrible insects. Neem oil contains components to kill cockroaches. Neem spray doesn’t only terminate the pests but it also kills the germs present in the air.

Spray can be made with neem oil or neem leaves. To make neem spray with oil mix the neem oil with water and spray this solution on the infested area to get rid of the cockroaches. Or if we use the neem powder you can directly sprinkle it on the infested area.

Bay leaves are another way that works great against cockroaches. Crush some bay leaves and place them into a bowl and place this near the area you doubt has the roach infestation. Alternatively, bay leaves can be used by boiling and using this water solution to spray on the roaches.

Pine–sol, and bleach are other effective solutions to get rid of roaches. Boil both substances and use the solution to spray in the infested area.

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