Is mixing grease in gel bait more effective against cockroaches?

No one wants cockroaches in their home. These little devils are an irritating pest, which makes you go “Ew” seeing. It’s always a question of what should I do so that these little creatures stop coming to my house.
The best way to get rid of cockroach is by making your home such a place, cockroach doesn’t want to come to your home. And sometimes by placing food you think it’s all done but that is not enough. Food is not the only reason that drew cockroaches into your home.

What attracts cockroaches into your home?

Cockroaches are Omnivores so they eat anything with little nutrition. But moisture, warm environment, food crumbs, the unhygienic place are a few things that attract cockroach the most. The scent of food also makes great help for a cockroach to invite them in.

What invites Cockroaches?

Starch, meat, sugar, grease, and cheese are some food items that are loved by cockroaches the most. The pungent smell of rotten fruits and vegetables can also invite them to your house.
To prevent this situation (prevent cockroaches get into your house) you should make sure to keep the food in airtight containers or sealed packages.
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Is removing everything cockroach eats possible?

Unfortunately, it’s unachievable to remove everything that cockroach can eat. The cockroach is an omnivore and they can eat anything including human food, pet food, crumbs, paper, bookbinding, cardboard, paper waste, hair, fingernail clipping, etc.
Even if you somehow manage to keep the food away from cockroach reach, that will not be enough to keep cockroach at bay. Cockroaches can live without food for more than a month. They can effectively store the food n their bodies which provides energy for a longer time.

cockroach the troublemakers

Moisture and warmness are something that invites them to your home. Water is more pivotal for cockroaches.
So leaks pipes, excess moisture, and drainage problem will become the key factor to let these little devils into your house.
Use a humidifier to get rid of extra moisture from the basement and garage-like place. Also, make sure that you don’t have any leakage and drainage problems.

Will grease attract cockroaches?

Cockroach killer


All baits are made by products that attract cockroaches to eat them. So there is no need to add anything in cockroach bait. But grease surely attracts cockroaches if you are someone who wants some homemade solution.
Then you mix the grease with boric acid or baking soda to make your bait kill and attract cockroaches.

What should be done?

Sometimes cockroaches easily go away but the problem starts when they keep coming back. For this, you need to follow some precautions very carefully.
Like clean the clutter, and get rid of paper and cardboard stock.
Seal the food in the airtight pack, or container as already discussed earlier as well.
Don’t leave the dirty dishes in the sink and wipe out all the water from the sink and nearby areas.
Mop the floor well if you had any crumbs and clean well.

If problem still continue never hesitate to call pest exterminator or expert for help.

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