Is mosquito killer or insecticide killer are also harmful to bacteria?

Knowing the life cycle of mosquitoes could be the key to being safe from mosquito and their bites. It also helps with reducing the mosquito population. If you are going o somewhere mosquito prone area, then take proper measures to protect yourself from them and solve the mosquito problem as well.

Nowadays tons of methods are used to resolve the mosquito problem. But the problem is almost all of them are using chemical-prone solutions or insecticides. Pesticides may solve the problem of mosquitoes for a while but can be harmful to humans and the environment in some other ways.

Mosquito and larva

Mosquitoes breed and the larvae are the main reason for mosquito increasing population. Killing larvae that hatch from the eggs would be the reason for eliminating mosquitoes eventually. Eliminating mosquitoes will also reduce the risk of dengue, malaria, and the zika virus.

At this point, the question arises, can insecticide which is used to control mosquitoes can also treat larvae?


mosquito larva


Insecticides are chemicals that are used to control insects. Insecticide chemicals also include larvicides, ovicides, and adulticides which are used to terminate larvae, eggs, and adults of insects respectively.

Risk in using Insecticide

With some solutions, insecticide also brings some risks with it. The current study also adds that using insecticide or pesticides brings health risks in children and adults. Especially for indoor uses, insecticides are extremely harmful.

Recently child having brain tumors are observed to be in the pesticide exposure.

Pesticides are usually manufactured to kill pests, but pesticides indoor uses also put human life at risk. Although the risk associated with pesticides can vary with different people and different kinds of pesticide toxicity.

And when it comes to children they are highly at risk point against pesticides.

Pesticide Exposure

People are suffering from chronic diseases and asthma due to pesticide exposure. Pesticides are extremely dangerous for people, who used pesticides for home use or inside the home. Reported has confirmed that death and acute illness are the results of the absorption of pesticides.


pesticide exposure


Pesticide exposure is a matter of concern especially when it comes to children, and expecting mothers. The common reason pesticides used inside the house are little pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, etc.

Some reports state that most likely to get affected by pesticides through pesticide use in the garden, and around the house to control common pests. Reports also reveal that 3 out of 4 women are exposed to pesticide use around the home.


The fact is pesticides use can’t be avoided when you are suffering from pest infestation. And the bigger problem is not pesticide use rather resistance to pesticides is a bigger problem. We can protect ourselves from pesticide exposure when we are using them.

But we can’t protect ourselves all the time when pesticides just stayed in our house or nearby after use. And in fact, the pest can also produce resistance against pesticides if they just resist in nature.

The bottom line is pesticides are made to help people but extreme use of pesticides can be dangerous for you, your family, and nature as well.




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