Natural mosquito repellent – way to keep nuisance at bay

Mosquito are tiny pests that known to spread many diseases. Mosquito are attracted to people from their body odor and scent. Except that, mosquitoes are also attracted too strong scent such as scented soaps, and perfumes. In addition to that dark colored clothes, and high or warm body temperature also invites mosquito towards you.

Mosquitoes are needs to keep away from you. Mosquito are irritating pest but that is not the reason to keep them away. Mosquito can spread disease like malaria, dengue, chikungunia and many more. To keep yourself safe from these deadly diseases, it is necessary to keep mosquito at bay.

Mosquito repellent that we use to spray on our bodies doesn’t work on killing mosquito. Instead they just make your body odor less appealing to them. Make sure to test before use on your body as it can have reactions.

Best natural mosquito repellent

Using natural methods to solve any problem is the best way to treat any pest related issues. Chemical sure can give good result but they come with lots of side effects. Here is the list some best natural or organic solution that has 100% effectiveness.

Lemon Eucalyptus oil

Lemon eucalyptus oil also known as eucalyptus oil is plant based oil. It effectively terminates the mosquito problem and keeps them away from you. This solution can be used in two ways to keep mosquito away.

  1. Mix eucalyptus essential oil with lotion or cream any apply the blend as mosquito repellent lotion on your body. This will be very effective method for more than two hour.
  2. Second way is to make repellent with the use of eucalyptus essential oil. Make the solution by diluting water and lemon eucalyptus essential oil. Fill the spray bottle with the solution and spray in all the corners, under the bed, hiding area and mosquito prone areas.

Note – don’t use the lemon eucalyptus oil directly on your body.

Catnip essential oil

This is also a plant based oil to keep mosquito away. This oil is obtained from nepeta cataria plant. Make the solution by diluting catnip essential oil with water. Spray the solution all over in the corner and mosquito prone area of your house.

Eliminate the root cause

Sometimes we control the mosquito but they come back again every next day. The reason behind this is the root. So elimination the reason of the problem is prior. Mosquito breed in stagnant water. And in rainy season it’s most likely to collect water.

So inspect carefully that you are not surround by stagnant water. If there is any clean the water and eliminate the source so that water doesn’t collect again.

Organic mosquito repellent spray

If you don’t have time wanted a safe but easy solution than this method is for you. You can use Pai organic mosquito repellent is one of the best mosquito repellent based made with plant oils. All you need do is just spray the solution in your house.

Make sure to spray the solution in hiding area like under the bed, behind the curtains and sofa etc.



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