Non-toxic organic termite control product and techniques?

Having termite infestation is one of the biggest terrors that homeowners have. But the good thing is it can be controlled if figure out the right time. If steps to control termites are taken on time problem can be solved.

With the increase in popularity of organic methods, there have been many questions about How to control termites organically? As organic solutions are completely non-toxic and safer solutions.

Basic information about termites

Termite has two common body segments despite ants having three. Termite has a long and straight antenna and has winged the same size as its body.

How to get rid of termite

To solve the termite problem there are many options you can use. The best solution that will have a definite solution is calling a pest exterminator. But great solution with a little problem similar to it you may need to leave the house empty for quite a time.

And also using chemicals can be risky for your family and your health as well. The high pungent smell that termite pesticides have can be very risky if you have golden age people or ill people in your family.


get rid of termite


If you want to deal with the termites' problem by yourself then there are a lot of organic ways and methods to use.

Control methods

Controlling termites is very challenging. But there are methods organic and homemade as well that help to get rid of them.

Heat and cold

Similar to many other pests termites also can’t handle extreme heat and cold temperatures. When the temperature is elevated to 120 ° f - 140° f for more than half an hour. Or temperature drops to 15°f (extreme cold). But the problem with the extreme cold is it need to take at least 4 days.

Botanical solution or essential oil

Botanical solutions are the best and safest solution to use. Neem oil and orange oil are considered the greatest remedies to use against termites. Orange oil will work significantly to terminate the dry wood termites.


botanical solution for termites


With the use of neem oil, termite needs to ingest the oil. After neem oil spray on wood when termite devours the neem oil they will go crazy and eventually die.


Nematodes are one of the unique solutions that have been used to terminate termites. It’s the solution same as we use cats to get rid of rodents. Nematodes are parasite worms that feed on insects including termites.

Boric acid

Boric acid powders is one of the supreme and tried methods. Most of the insecticide that is available for termite killing includes boric acid as the main ingredient.

Boric acid works based on the dehydration process. On consumption or even income in touch with boric acid termites will die due to dehydration process.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth also works based on the dehydration process as boric acid. It penetrates the skeleton of termites when coming in contact.


diatomaceous earth


But the great difference between boric acid and diatomaceous earth is made up of fossilized organisms.

Termites are hard pests to terminate but not impossible. We can always consider using organic, natural, and non-toxic ways to get rid of any problem.

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