Pest Control Exposure Effect on Human Health

Why Pest Control

Pest control is a term which almost everybody knows nowadays. Pest becomes one of the biggest problems in people's life. If there is a cockroach killer, mosquito killer, or other pesticide found in someone's house, it’s no big deal. But the thing which is a matter of concern is do we know? Have you ever checked what chemicals are used in these pesticides? How harmful that can be to our health?

The biggest mistake we do is we go to any agriculture pesticide shop and buy the pesticide which is easily available and in fewer amounts. Without even thinking once the pesticide we are buying is safe to use at home or not.

The pesticides which are available at the market shop are generally of four types.

  • Insecticide
  • Herbicide
  • Rodenticide
  • Fungicide


Insecticides are the ones that are sold at the biggest amount at stores. But you are unaware of the thing that how harmful insecticides contain. Most of the insecticides are made for the field or open area. And they are dangerous even after sprayed to the field area where the fumes can evaporate then think how hazardous it can be when these insecticides are sprayed at home.

The chemicals which are present in the insecticide will go into our lungs through breathing and can damage our respiratory system in even no time. So whenever you go to buy pesticides make sure that they contain the chemical which is safe to use inside the home too.

Check all the active ingredients detail added in the insecticide to make sure if they are safe for you and your family or not. If the active ingredients are bifenthrin, permethrin, cyfluthrin, beta-cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, cypermethrin, and lambda-cyhalothrin then these all are included in Pyrethrins or Pyrethroids and they don’t harm our nervous system and any body part in any way.

These describe active ingredients that are safe to use. But accept these if any other active ingredients like hydrogen cyanide, naphthalene, nicotine, and methyl bromide are included then think twice before purchasing them as they can poison us even only through breathing. If anyhow inhaled or get into touch with your skin. And it seems to be impossible to spray some insecticide at home not to come in touch with them unless we empty our house during insecticide spray.


Herbicide is a kind of pesticide used to kill weed. Weed often trouble us by growing in our mini garden. It sometimes grows inside our home to for example on the roof, corner points where wall and land meet (in case of not fully developed), etc.

Although herbicide has very fewer chances to be used inside the house but still in any case if there is a need to use it we should be careful before purchasing them. The active ingredients in herbicide are Atrazine, bentazon, or the chemical name (2,4-dichlorphenoxy acetic acid, diglycolamine salt of 3,6-dichloro-0-anisic acid) which can cause limb effect to the human and high exposure of atrazine can cause reduced survival of fetuses to pregnant women.


These are the substances that are used to kill rats, Mice, and Other Rodents. Rodenticides are meant to contain poison. Every rodenticide is bad if comes into contact with skin or somehow goes inside the body. Cholecalciferrol (vitamin D3) is considered as most dangerous active ingredient present in rodenticide. Whereas Warfarin is the active ingredient present in some rodenticides consider t be less toxic but still harmful.

If you are taking Rodenticide in use make sure to wash your hand properly after use and avoid touching face while you are applying rodenticide substances at home.


The active ingredients or can say the harmful dangerous chemical compound present in fungicide are mainly Sulfur and Copper. And these are very toxic substances. And you will shock to know that the fungicides which are available in powdered form contain approximately 90% of sulfur. Which makes them even much more toxic!

Before using any kind of pesticide be aware of the thing what are you using or is it even safe to use them? What are the active ingredients these pesticides contain and how harmful it can be to your health? Pesticides which are available in the market are made for killing pest but it’s not the case that they will only kill the pest. The chemicals they contain to kill pests can harm you and your family too.

So before using or buying any pesticide we should know how harmful the ingredients can be present in the pesticide. What side effects they can cause to human health. Especially we must have known, that the active ingredients are even approved for inside (inside the home) use or not. And if yes where we can use them or what are the precautions we need to take to use them.

We should read the label carefully while purchasing the pesticide to understand the precaution and to get the knowledge of the active ingredients they contain. And in which area using them is completely safe. And if not this we should ask the vendor “is it safe to use them inside the home or not?” and “what are the points which we need to remember before and while using them?”

If you will be attentive only then you will be able to save your family from these harmful causes.

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