Pesticide use should be minimized, even though it is used to control insects why?

What are pesticides?

Pesticides are a substance that is used to control insect, pest, weed, rodents, etc. Pesticides are available in various forms such as spray, powder, granules, foggers, etc. lot of household repellents are also pesticides cockroach killers, and mosquito killers, to name a few.

Pesticides are designed to harm living things such as insects. But they can be harmful to humans and the environment too. To decrease the pesticide's bad effect the least thing you can do is read the label and follow the instruction of use.

Why pesticide use should minimize?

Pesticide effect on health

Pesticide exposure can serve you with short-term effects. And for longer exposure to pesticides person can face chronic effects of cancer, and reproductive harm to name a few. As for short-term or acute effects, you may have to deal with nausea, and vomiting to name a few.

Acute effects

The intermediate effect is also known as acute effects on human health are skin allergens like irritation, burning, redness, nose irritation, rashes, blisters, etc. It also includes nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness-like symptoms.

Chronic effect

Acute effects are not that terrible that’s what you must be thinking. Some people don’t even consider them a problem. What if you know there are some severe conditions people face for staying in contact with pesticides?

 Cancer, tumor, nervous system damage, body organs damage, infertility, or reproductive problems are only some of the examples of chronic effects. Chronic effects are some problems that may not be noticeable at starting stage but can be deadly.

Effect on children

Children are considered to be most vulnerable to pesticides a d their effects. As children organs are still in the developing stage. Pesticides can cause permanent damage or failure to their undeveloped organs.

In addition to that their behavior of being free as the child can put them at higher risk when they are near pesticides. Children have a higher respiratory rate so they can they are more likely to inhale pesticide residue faster.

Pesticide impact on the environment

Pesticides also serve the environment with a bad impact that can last for years. Pesticide use can harm the organisms of the insects.

Pesticide effect on soil fertility

When we use pesticides in our garden or on the plant as protection from insects. But is it safe for soil health? Sometimes we think it will increase soil fertility and be better for soil health. The fact is it provides an instant boost to the soil.

But it reduces the soil fertility power, it reduces the life of the soil.

Pesticide effect on groundwater

Pesticides can easily reach groundwater through surface running from plants and soil. We also use lots of chemicals to clean our washbasin that reaches to ground at the end. According to research 143 different pesticides and much chemical-based product has found in groundwater.

During a survey in India, 58 % of drinking water comes from hand pumps and wells. So are we safe using such water for our daily needs?

How to minimize the pesticide effect?

Prevention is the best solution. Instead of using pesticides for pests problem prevent them from coming into your garden or field.

Consider using the non-chemical method for your pesticide use. There are lots of organic products available that reduce or terminate the pest problem.

Know your pest and use the solution that fits best for you to avoid unnecessary use of pesticides. Also, avoid using a foggers-like solution until it’s vital.

Chemical use (pesticide) doesn’t only harm the environment and your health temporarily they can reward you with long term problems.


  • May 27, 2022
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