Small roaches are troublemaker! How to kill small roaches fastest?

Noticed small roaches in kitchen cabinets? Their one sight is enough to convert your smile into seriousness. Cockroaches are enough to get us in trouble and small roaches they are even hard to deal with. Following a plan to get rid of these little invaders will be the most effective solution.

Using a step-by-step process will result in the permanent termination of the roach problem.

Identify the problem

Sometimes we just apply the solution without knowing the root cause. This way in some cases we do get temporary results but the main ones still exist. And we end up encountering the same problem again after some time.

Small cockroaches possess comparatively bigger problems than other larger species such as the American cockroach. They are prone to live in homes unlike larger ones, and this makes the situation even worst.

Small runs faster and can easily hide in small cracks like places and this makes it hard to get rid of them completely. And once they find the food they release an attractant that invites all the other roaches. They breed, multiply at astonishing speed, and take over your house.

Small cockroach species types

German cockroaches are the most common type of small cockroaches that we encounter in our houses. German roaches are usually known as the second smallest roaches. Usually, they are known to crawl on the ground. But they also have the capacity of flying on sensing some danger.

German cockroaches


However German roaches are the most probable species you will meet in your houses. But just for the knowledge, they are Light brown, Yellowish, or golden-colored roaches. German roaches are also thin, long, and have dark-colored strips on their back.

Infestation area of roaches

Bathrooms and kitchens are most favorite places for small roaches. You can easily find them roaming around in the bathroom or kitchen. If you want to take a look at them just switch on the bathroom light at midnight, they must be having a party.

Similarly goes for the kitchen, it includes the roaches' favorite hangout place. As soon as the light gets off, roaches are off to go for searching food crumbs, leftovers, scraps, etc. in the kitchen they can easily get access to food that they desire.

When roaches need to hide and fulfill their thirst, they dive into the drains or slip through gaps. Cockroaches also use drains to return to their living place.

Termination of small roaches

Now we know how they look, why they come, and if you’re at this article you must already know how harmful they are. And roaches are known to escalate allergies. Then let’s move forward on the termination of the roach problem.

There are so many ways you can use to terminate roaches but not every solution is effective. But I come across an organic and very effective way of eliminating these little devils. Cockroach Gel Bait has a 100% of effectivity rate and has no side effects. Roach gel bait is absolute bliss when it comes to dealing with cockroaches. 

Another solution you can use is essential oil like neem oil, bay leaves, lemon, clove, etc. These are some home ingredients that work great against the roach problem.

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