Top 8 tips to get rid of bed bugs permanently

Bed bugs are not easy to handle. They are tiny and flat in look but can creep us out. Dealing with bed bugs is hectic and stressful. If they are not addressed soon, they can easily take over your house rapidly.

Going to step by step process is required to control bed bugs otherwise they will come back unnoticed. There is a list of 8 tips to follow and keep them at bay permanently.

Notice the sign of bed bug presence

Sometimes we don’t even know bed bugs exist in our house until they do some significant damage. The first sign you maybe notice is bed bug bites on your body.

If you find sudden red bumps following the zigzag path it’s a clear sign of having bedbugs. It can itchy in some cases painful too.

Another sign of bed bugs is having dark brown spots and leftovers such as eggs in bedding and corners. There also can be blood spots on your bed and pillow cover.

In highly infested situations and severe cases, you can also notice the musky odor. Bed bug tends to leave a musky odor.

Wash/seal off the fabrics

If you have encountered a bud bug in your house it’s time to buck and do some work. Remove all the bed sheets, pillow covers, and all the fabric involved with bed bugs, and wash them off with the highest temperature of the water.

And lastly, put them into the dryer at the highest temperature possible. Also, put the stuffed toy towels in the washing machine.

Deep cleaning of the mattress

Clean the mattress folding and corners properly and till deep inside. If possible leave them in direct sunlight for a few days, bed bugs can’t deal with high temperatures so they either die or run off.

Use the vacuum to remove the eggs from the mattress corners and sidings.
Seal the cracks and De-clutter home

Cracks and gaps are easy-to-use hiding points for bed bugs. On the other hand, clutter gives them a boost that they can stay forever. Clutter makes it the perfect place for bed bugs to stay in. You can say wherever there is clutter, there may exist bed bugs as well.

Remove/seal what cannot be cleaned

If bed bugs are uncontrollable then remove the thing from your bed or seal it in the zip lock bag to protect it from spreading. Other than that you can also keep the thing in direct sunlight if possible. Bed bugs can’t tolerate the high temperature and die.

Use of vacuum and steam clean

Vacuum the complete house properly and discard the clutter in the bin. A vacuum steam clean is a good and effective option to deal with bed bugs. The heat of the steam will kill the bed bugs and even their eggs.

Use of pesticide

When you already have the bed bug to deal with pesticide use to kill them is essential. After you are done with the cleaning process, use pesticides either in spray or in powder. Bed bug killer powder is an effective and natural product to terminate bed bugs.

Also don’t forget the switch baseboards, closet shelves, carpet, etc. One more thing to keep in mind is steamer temperature should be at least 160 degrees.

Precaution/regular inspection

Once the pest control is done keeping precautions is also necessary. Keep the further infestation of pests in check and regularly check your house to prevent them beforehand.

  • Feb 13, 2023
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Keŕrie October 25, 2023

Bag all cloth spray if bad throw in backyatd if u have u out side for coupledays then wash all twice threetimes if wana bsafe rhats whatbi would do thorw out all things u dont use r need start ftesh

Kerrie October 25, 2023

Went to friends omce they just moved in n we found bedbugs i went home syiped in bakyeard baged outfit n threw out lol lucky they lived close so i cpuld walk cuse didmt wana cab r bus

Kendra Hargan April 20, 2024

What if they’re only confined into a couch how do you get rid of them there. I mean, I cleaned off all my pillows and I found them covered in my pillows so I threw them outside until I get a chance to throw them all in the washing machine. How do you eliminate them if they’re in your couch I’ve already vacuumed it, but I don’t know how else to get rid of them please some advice would be great thank you.

Colt May 25, 2024

DE your couch that and lavender eo they hate.

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