What are 3 common methods to control mosquitoes?

Mosquito problem starts as soon summer knock the door. But mosquito aren’t pleasant feeling like summers after winter. Along with lot of nuisance they carry lot of diseases too. And that is what them dangerous too.

They spread virus and germs around wherever they stay. Moreover when infected mosquito spread germs it can be hazardous for human health. Some mosquito spread harmful disease West Nile, Zika, Dengue to name a few.  To prevent getting sick and protect yourself getting rid of mosquito is essential.

If you set of methods to control mosquito it become easier to control them.  Here we will be discussing 3 methods to deal with mosquito problem.

 Source reduction

When you have complete information about problem and its source it becomes less complicated and right solution can be carried out. Standing water is the biggest source for having mosquito infestation. Mosquito lay their eggs in standing water.

And if eliminate the source they will have nowhere to stick around your place. Don’t let water collect nearby. Regularly clean the birds water, also there should not be any collected water in plants for too long. Eliminate the containers that can be source of standing water.

Larviciding and adulticiding

Larviciding is method where we terminate the mosquito at larvae stage. Different product or substances are using in killing the larvae. Larvicide are safe enough not to harm other living organism in water. We can encounter larvae in standing water. Larvicide is important in controlling larveae before they emerge in adult mosquito.

Adulticide is kind of last step you can use to terminate/kill the mosquito from your house.  


Prevention is key point in any pest control technique. It can stop the infestation from spreading further. And helps you with keep them at bay after you terminate them.

  • Mar 14, 2023
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