What are bed bugs? How do their bites affect you?

Bed bugs are small devils that feed on human or animal blood. 

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are little tiny oval-shaped insects that are reddish-brown insects. They can hide well because of their flat-shaped body. Bed bugs are most active at night as humans sleep and can easily reach for what they want (blood). 

Typically bed bug enters your home from an overnight trip. Bed bugs don't have wings and mostly travel with you, riding on your luggage, clothes, etc. The second piece of furniture is also one of the favorites to enter your home. 

Bed bugs' presence is not dangerous, but their bites are itchy and sometimes itchy too. They can also cause skin allergies. 

How does bed bite look?

Bed bugs leave some anesthetic before feeding blood, so you don't feel anything when they are providing. But as soon the drug's effect finishes, the bug bite starts itching. Bed bug bites look like a red bump in a zigzag sequence or cluster of many bites. 

In severe bed bug symptoms, one can experience many of the symptoms listed below.

  1. Red, swollen, and bumpy with dark spots in the center of the exposed area of the skin. 

  2. Bed bug bites are primarily placed in a cluster of bites or a zigzag line of many bites. 

  3. Bed bug bites can be itchy; a fluid-filled and acts as burning bumps in some cases.

  4. There may be blood stains, too, from itching.  

Though bed bugs love your blood, that doesn't mean they feed every night. But this makes it difficult for you to find out about bed bug existence.

How to treat bed bug bites?

In most cases, bed bug bites automatically improve in one to two weeks. But you have developed severe allergies taking action is required. 

Firstly going to the doctor will be the best choice to get the best treatment. Use the steroid cream to decrease the itching and inflammation. An oral antihistamine can also be taken for the same purpose.

If you are suffering from extreme pain, an instant pain reliever is an excellent choice to diminish pain.

Note – these all should be taken after a prescription suggested by the doctor. 

  • A cold cloth or ice pack can relieve pain besides the medication mentioned above. 

  • When these problems stay only to us, we still handle them, but when these itchy bites reach out to our kids, they creep us out. 

  • If you suspect the bed bug bites on your baby, you should first check their mattress, bed sheet, and baseboards if any exist near them.

  • Take them to the child's doctor if it gets worse. Wash the bite with soap and water. It will relieve the itchiness. 

  • If possible, make sure that child doesn't scratch the bite.

Bed bugs are not easy to get rid of, but it is not impossible to get rid of them. With proper treatment and guidelines, they can completely get rid of it. 

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How do I get rid of bed bugs bits from my room

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