What are some best organic pest control methods?

Pest control is a problem we must have experience with. Pesticides (contains chemical) that are available in market place solve the problem with pest but it is also harmful to beneficial pest. Chemical-based pesticides are not safe to use around kids and pets.

Considering the risk factor of pesticides, everyone turned over the organic solution for the pests’ problem. There are many different ways we can use it. We have lots of ingredients at our home that can help us to get rid of bugs.

In addition to that considering customer requirements and interest in the organic product, there are a lot of organic pest control products are available on market. 

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The organic method that works

organic pest control methods

Mint to disrupt ants’ chain

Have you ever noticed ants always walk in chains? Do you know why they do so? That is because ants can’t see but follow the path (odor) left by previous ants. 

Mint can do a great job to terminate that odor and eventually the ants’ path. This they will scatter and will end up leaving your home.


Cinnamon is a great option to kill ants. Cinnamon will not only work to disrupt the sense of smell but will also suffocate them till death. 

Cinnamon will not work if it gets wet so use it on dry days. Also, it takes time to work so have a little while using this solution. But it's completely safe to use around kids or pets.


Garlic doesn’t only work as an herb in-house. It can be used against many pests like a mosquito, fleas, flies, etc. garlic distracts the insects. If you are outside it could be a great help to protect yourself from a mosquito.

Mix 1 part of garlic juice with 3 parts of water and spray it on your body exposed part. 

Note – Don’t spray it on your face, as the face has sensitive skin which can burn by garlic use.


Lemon can work as a wonderful cleanser. Lemon and lime juice keep the bugs such as spiders, ants, and snails at bay. 

If you are using lemon and lime juice purchased from the market then you mix it with water before use. As it comes in a highly concentrated solution.

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Essential oil for pest

essential oil for pest


Essential oils lavender, eucalyptus, citronella, and peppermint to name a few have a very refreshing smell. But the refreshing smell of essential oil is not pleasing to pests’ mosquitoes, bed bugs, etc., pest or bugs hate this odor. 

The essential oil comes in concentrated form so for using it diluted the oil with water and spray the infected area. 

Neem Oil

Neem oil can be extracted from the seeds of the neem tree. Neem has the properties of keeping away the insect-like from your house. This natural solution is also safe to use for the environment.

Applying neem oil can also save you from bugs’ bites due to its anti-bacterial property.

Note – Do not use the essential oil directly on the skin; dilute it with a base oil (coconut oil or almond oil).

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth comes as a fine powder. It is made up of fossilized remains of algae. Diatomaceous earth is used for so long as a natural solution to pests. 

While using diatomaceous earth wear a mask to stop inhalation as it comes in fine powder. 

Organic pest control product

pest control


Now many organic DIY solutions are available on market to stop bugs. one of them I know works very well is Pai Organics pest control products. Must-try products are completely safe to use around kids and pets, and safe for the environment.

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