What are the best sprays to control bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a pure nuisance as we know them. Moreover, they live in our beds and sofa where we sleep and go for comfort. But before anything, you need to ensure you are having bed bug infestation, not any other similar-looking insects. The bed bug is a problematic pest but not impossible to deal with.

There are numerous ways you can use to terminate bed bugs with. The most famous ones treat them with either high heat or cold temperatures. Then come spray and powder to kill them without any hassle.

Best bed bug spray to terminate them

The spray is a fast and direct DIY solution to terminate any pest. Spray can be organic and chemical-based too. Professionals also sometimes use spraying techniques to eliminate many insects.

Pai Organics bed bug repellent

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Pai Organics bed bug killer is an organic and nontoxic formula for bed bugs. This product is designed to deal with severe infestation. This organic solution is 100% effective and efficient, killing bed bugs without risking your health.

It is made for both indoor and outdoor use. It is made of essential oil such as lemongrass, clove, and peppermint as the active ingredient to eliminate bed bugs.

How to use

Spray directly on the pillow, bed encasement, switch bard, under the mattress, like places. Also, spray this behind the curtain, wooden furniture, cupboard, etc., where you have encountered bed bug infestation.

Diatomaceous earth spray

Diatomaceous earth is an efficient solution to get rid of bed bugs. It works basically on the dehydration process. It sticks to the bugs' bodies, dehydrates the oil from their skeleton, and leads them to death.

Making spray from bed bug powder is easy. All you need to do is dilute the powder in water with a 1/1 ratio. Spray make it easier to solve corners. Make sure to shake the solution well before use, as it is a fine powder.

How to use

The use of this spray is similar to the one defined above.

Peppermint essential oil

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In search of bed bug repellent, one name that comes up is peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has a strong odor that deters bed bugs but is pleasing to people. That is why it has become the favorite choice of people to eliminate bed bugs.

Another way of using peppermint is the use of peppermint leaves. Crush the dried peppermint leaves and either place them near bed bug activity or spread them through the infested area.

Soap solution

Soap solution is a leading technique for dealing with many pests. Soap solution works efficiently against bed bugs too. Dilute a little amount of liquid soap into a spray bottle filled with water to prepare the bed bug solution. Shake the solution well, and it's ready to use.

It is not recommended to use soap solution for home bed bugs. It can harm you if you come in contact with your eyes and bare skin. In addition, it can leave a burning sensation.

We have discussed many bed bug solutions. Some are ready to use, and others need to be prepared. Now can choose the one suits best for your bed bug infestation problem.

Do it yourself for bed bug control.

Find the location or room which has a bed bug infestation. Bedrooms are the perfect place for a bed bug to stay. Bed bug infestation typically starts in the bedroom and infests all over the house slowly. 

To stop the bed bugs from spreading further, move to another room where bed bugs are absent. You don't need to throw everything away that has bed bugs, but emptying them can help to stop them from spreading. While treating and evacuating the bedroom, remember to treat other areas with bed bugs too.

Then you can use pest control products or any other DIY solution to deal with a bed bug problem and terminate them.  


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