What are the cockroaches’ natural enemies/predators?

Cockroaches are an insect that has been on Earth for millions of years. With them, there is one myth surrounding them: animals that pray on roaches exist. Though true, do you know what those animals that prey on cockroaches are?

They have been playing an essential role in the ecosystem. Some predators prey on them, and some die from natural reasons. But, if we consider indoors, cockroaches mostly die from biological causes. Mammals, beetles, spiders, reptiles, etc., prey on cockroaches.

Few parasites also tend to target cockroaches. Instead, they lay their eggs in a roach eggshell to terminate them.

Animas that prey on roaches

Mammals and reptiles are major animals that devour lizards. Cockroaches are snacks for birds, geckos, turtles, and spiders like animals and birds. Cockroaches move quickly and often escape quickly, but in some exceptional cases, ants also prey on cockroaches. Mostly the ant species that attack roaches are fire ants.

However, cockroaches’ lifespan isn’t very high for them to become dinner for others. So they mostly live inside houses, kitchens, restaurants, etc., places where cockroaches die out of natural reasons than becoming food for other animals or birds. But in a few cases, to stay near the water, they fall prey to silverfish and larvae.

There exist some parasites as well that lays their parasite wasp inside the cockroach egg shells. When the parasite hatches, they eat the cockroach egg and leave the cover.

How to get rid of roaches?

If we talk about an immediate solution, you need help eliminating roaches. You have to use a combination of the solution to terminate them.

Prevention to save you

Food and water are two vital aspects that any pest, including cockroaches, looks for. If found them in your house, they make your home theirs. Wipe out or vacuum all the water after using the kitchen and utensils. Also, vacuum or clean the food crumbs from the floor and near pet bowls.

Cockroaches often hide in dark spots and make their entrance from tiny spaces. Removing the hiding spots and sealing the entry points is an indirect way of stopping the roaches from entering your home.

Kill with bait and boric acid.

Bait is the safest, most effective, and fastest solution to remove roaches. On the other hand, boric acid is a stomach poison that cockroaches can’t resist. And bait and boric acid needed to be consumed to work.

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Boric acid bait can be prepared by mixing it with sugar to attract roaches to eat the bait. Boric acid is usually a safe substance, but it can also be toxic if used in high amounts. Borax could be used as a replacement for boric acid.

Diatomaceous earth/ baking soda

Diatomaceous Earth and baking soda are the natural ingredients that terminate the cockroach population from your house. Diatomaceous Earth can be used directly to sprinkle on the infested area. On the other hand, baking soda can be used both ways, directly or after making bait.

Note – to make baking soda bait mix it with sugar. Sugar will attract roaches to eat the bait.

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