What are the side effects of drilling termite treatments?

Termites are destructive types of pests. To protect our house we need to use termite control pesticides or termiticide. The widely used termite treatment includes chemical treatment in foundation. But do we how dangerous those pesticides can be? What are some side effects they have? Are termiticides safe to use?

For those who have little idea about chemical side effects, termite treatment is a major concern for them. We sometimes use the pesticide in double quantity thinking that will serve with fast results. But did you ever consider that can serve you in the wrong way too?

The pesticide has several side effects that can worsen if we overdue. Let us know some of the side effects that termiticide has.

Termite treatments

termite termination methods


Various methods can be used for termite termination. What will the choice depend on the extent of the infestation?

Typically used termite termination methods are?

Fumigation method

Chemical gas is used for the fumigation method. House needs to be vacant before using the fumigation process. The sensitive digital device also needs to be removed to prevent any damage. Food and any edible supplies also need to remove, and if it is exposed to a chemical then through that.

Even after the fumigation process house need to be aired for at least 12 hours.

Bait method

The bait method is the least risky method that can be used for termite termination. This method includes planting a bait termination system filled with the bait to allure termites. These systems have to be installed in places where termites find them easily.

This method is safe to use even if kids and pets are exposed to the bait method. But you still need to care full that they don’t ingest the bait planted for termites.

Wood treatment

Now, chemical-treated woods are used to prevent infestation. Wood is treated with chemicals so that termite doesn’t infest in wood. With chemical-treated wood, termite does not spread that easily.

Side effects of termiticide

For any chemical used, the chemical must be approved by EPA (Environmental protection agency). Termiticides used especially in subterranean termites cases are also EPA registered. These termiticides are Aldrin, Lindane, Chlordane, Heptachlor, Dieldrin, etc.

These chemicals are best at killing termites but they are dangerous for humans and pets. If these pesticides are not handled carefully they can be extremely risky for human health.

If you are exposed to termiticide it can result in difficulty in breathing. Some other occurrences of being exposed to termiticide chemicals are dizziness, diarrhea, sweating, loss of appetite, high fever, etc. In worst cases, one can also face a coma.

Acute poisoning of these chemicals needs immediate medical attention to prevent any life-threatening conditions.

To protect yourself use the chemicals with extra care and protection.

Do not overdue any chemical and use the chemical only in the infested area.

Use of natural pesticide

To prevent the side effects of chemicals you can use our termite control spray on your wooden surface which is as good and effective as any other termiticide. 

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