What attracts a mosquito to bite a human?

There exist hundreds of species of mosquito. Although mosquitoes have different preferences for whom they bite. But few people fall especially on their favorite list. Have you ever wondered why some people act as magnets to a mosquito? What makes a few 10 out of 100 extra prone to mosquito bites?

Mosquito bite comes with irritation, red bump, and itching with them. Only female mosquito bites, as they need nutrition to produce eggs.

How do mosquitos find people to bite?

Mosquitos stimulate by many factors when they go in search of their blood meal. A few of them are carbon dioxide we release, our sweat, body odor, etc. In some studies, it is found that particular blood type and body heat are also the reason for mosquito attraction.



Keeps on reading to find out what attracts mosquitoes more in detail.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

The human body emits CO2 when breathing, this gives a signal to mosquitoes. The release of mosquitoes is even more when we are active, like running or exercising. In a study, it is proved that mosquitoes can notice when there is a change in CO2 around them.

Human sweat (Lactic acid)

Mosquito is attracted to areas with high humidity levels. This makes them interested in sweat too. In addition to that human sweat has “Lactic Acid” which is one of the key attractions of mosquito. Especially for the Aedes Aegypti species of mosquito sweaty body means an invitation to them.

Body odor and body heat

Body odor and heat is also an attractive point for mosquito. When we sweat lots of compounds are released with sweat. Skin bacteria play a role in your body odor as well. Body odor can also be defined by genetics. If you are related to mosquito prone type body, then it’s more likely that you will also attract them.

In addition to body odor, the high temperature of the body (high body heat) is also the reason for inviting mosquitoes to you.

Dark clothing

Drak-colored mosquito is more prone to attract mosquito. It is also noticed that mosquitoes are more allure towards black color. The scientific reason behind this is still not clear but that is somewhere true if you are wearing black you may be the captivating mosquito.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption produces bacteria from your body that invite mosquitoes. Also when you drink alcohol it will increase your body temperature which attracts mosquitoes. Research also comes the fact that people who consume beer captivated mosquitoes more than those who didn’t.

Blood type

In a study held in 2004 it is stated that people with O blood type attract mosquitoes more than others.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women attract mosquitoes twice more than non-pregnant ones.  The scientific reason behind this is when got pregnant their body heat goes high than normal. As in her body blood circulation is more than that of a normal person. In addition, pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide (CO2) than others.

How to protect yourself from a mosquito?

organic mosquito spray
  1. Use mosquito repellents around your house and inside.

  2. Wear full sleeves or full-length clothes if possible.

  3. Avoid wandering outside during peak mosquito time.

  4. Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes.

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