What cockroach species is the hardest to get rid of? Why?

Everyone is well aware of the fact of what a cockroach is. The cockroach name itself brings a lot of emotion at once including scare, anger, filth, etc. It’s a big headache when they invade your home and live as if it’s theirs. Some of their species are very hard to get rid of as well.

Type of roach species

There are more than 4000 species of roaches exist in the world. But approx 40 of them are considered pests others are calculated to be beneficial. The most common pests that invade our home are german and American roaches.

German Cockroaches

It is the most common species of roaches that we usually found in our homes. German roaches are known to cause a lot of trouble. They have different colors varying from light brown to almost black with 2 black horizontal stripes on their head. They can reproduce faster than any other roaches.

They can grow almost ½ inch in size and are usually smaller. They love to stay indoors and prefer a warm environment.

American cockroaches

This is another commonly seen roach in the United States (US). This species of roach is reddish brown and can reproduce fast as well. Their large size and fast speed are a lot of trouble for homeowners. Their life span is also longer than others; they average live for 2 years.

Hardest cockroaches to deal with

German roaches are one of the most difficult species to deal with and exterminate. They reproduce fast and lay their eggs in areas hard to reach. They also have splendid hiding ability and spread thoroughly all over your house.

They just eat about anything they come across. German cockroaches are dangerous to humans as spread to bacteria and contaminate your food and surface with saliva. Their feces and saliva cause an allergic reaction that can even trigger asthma.

Cockroaches are usually nocturnal and scavengers and come out usually at night. This makes them difficult to find until they infest our home. Female german roaches are capable of laying 4 to 6 eggs in their life span. They usually live from 100 to 200 days.


  • German roaches are hard to get rid of and prevention can make it a little easier to deal with. It is a key step to keep the roaches away.

  • Keep hygiene in check, empty your trash can, and clean the crumbs from the floor. Dot leave the leftover food either dispose of it or keep it covered.

  • Make sure that you are not having any kind of leakage problem. Moisture invites the roaches to your home. Use the vacuum frequently or daily if possible.

  • Do not leave dirty dishes or water present in the sink. Wipe out the excess water before going to bed.

  • Seal the cracks and entry points for roaches.

Cockroach anti-gel bait

If you are suffering from cockroach infestation precautions will not be enough to get rid of them. Gel bait is the most effective, safe, and fastest solution to eliminate the roach problem. Combine attack of gel bait and precaution will keep the roaches at bay forever.



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