What do you mean by natural control of insects?

Insects or pests are the natural part of the environment; few are good, and others are bad. Unfortunately, pests are a significant cause of damage to homeowners and the environment. But on the other hand, a few pests play an essential role in the ecosystem. 

Pests are not only harmful, but they are beneficial as well. Some problems feed on other harmful pests known as beneficial pests.

Biological control of insects refers to using nature to solve the problem of pests. In other words, control of pests/insects without any synthetic products. If natural control didn't exist, insect populations would have enclosed us. On top of that, insects can reproduce quickly.

How does natural control work?

Natural control states insect control with staying within environmental bounds. Natural control implies both biological and non-biological control.

Physical factors such as weather can control pests too. For example, many of the insects die as soon as the winter season hits, as they can stand much cold.

Insects also get killed by other predators and parasites insects. So this method is also used by many gardeners to control insects.


Plants are another essential and worth whole way of keeping pests at bay. This method involves planting many pest-control plants such as lavender, catnip, etc. In addition, certain plants like onion or garlic can deter insects and stop them from ruining your crop.

Natural Pesticide

Pesticides made from natural ingredients are easy to use and effective solutions against pests. It's a DIY solution prepared with natural ingredients. Neem spray, lemon spray, and chili spray are a few examples of DIY sprays to control home insects.

On the other hand, papaya leaf sprays are an excellent example of garden insects like caterpillars. To make papaya leaf spray soak the papaya leaf in water overnight. Also, add a few drops of liquid soap. Then, strain the solution and use it instantly to treat your pest problem.

Biological control

Biological control is similar to natural power or a synonym for natural control. In bio-control, we use an element from nature to control insects. The use of living organisms is one of the best examples of this. Except that essential oil use has been elevating in the pest control world. 

The natural enemy of harmful plays a significant role in controlling them without any other environmental damage. Beneficial nematodes are the live enemy of harmful pests.

Mechanical control

Traps are a beneficial solution to catch pests like mice, rats, rabbits, birds, etc. Other than that, you can also see cockroaches and mosquitoes using traps. Even insects like aphids can be caught using traps such as sticky tapes.

Professional pest control

it's good to opt for natural pest control, but sometimes it doesn't work. And in this case nothing better than pest control experts. They have experienced every type of pest problem and will help you get rid of them soon. 

Difference between natural and beneficial insects

Natural pest control is where pests are controlled, whether you know about it or not. On the other hand, parasites, nematodes, etc., are used to control insects in biological pest control. In biological pest control, human purposely kills harmful insects by natural means. 

DIY pest control products

If you want to deal with your pest problem alone, this option is for you. You use ready-to-use products to terminate your pest problem. Visit the paidepo website to buy natural pest control products. They are internationally approved, effective, and safe to use products.


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