What home remedies will kill spiders?

Spiders are beneficial pests in the garden as they prey on other harmful bugs. But this doesn’t make them safe for you. They are still annoying and filthy pests that are responsible for webs in every corner of the house.

Spiders cause inconvenience and can spread many illnesses and infections. Generally, the spiders we have in our homes aren’t venomous but some species of them are highly venomous and can even kill you. And the web they create everywhere is extremely irritable and put an end to the hygiene of your home.

However, lots of chemicals are available to terminate the spider problem. But are those chemicals safe for your health? Instead of using harmful chemicals natural/organic products are safe and reliable to use against pests.

Natural remedies for spider control

White vinegar

If don’t know that vinegar is a great cleanser for the home you should give it a try. Vinegar uses don’t stop with cleaning power it’s spray serves as a great natural pest control spray. Especially for spiders, vinegar spray works great.

Spiders are highly sensitive to the scent and taste of white vinegar and can’t stand it. To make vinegar spray take an equal amount of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and shake the solution. The solution is all ready to kill the spider problem in your home.

Essential oil for spiders

Pests tend to dislike strong odor fragrances. Essential oil is one of those fragrances spiders hate. Fill up the half bottle with warm water and add 10 to 20 drops of essential oil (drops of an essential oil depend on its nature). Mix the solution well and the spray is ready to use.

Note – you can also add a few drops of liquid soap to easily mix the solution well.

Spray the solution in the area where you have encountered a spider problem. Essential oil can be used in concentrated form as well but it is risky to use. (to use essential oil in concentrated form spraying a few drops will be more than enough).


Citrus is alternative to vinegar use. Citrus is hated by spiders as much as they dislike vinegar. The citrus scent is very pleasing to us but spiders can stand it. Citrus peel can be used for this purpose, just rub the peel against windows and doorways.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

DE (Diatomaceous earth) is useful in controlling pests like a cockroach but its uses don’t limit there. You may be surprised to know DE is a great product to deal with spiders. Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remain of algae.

It is a non-toxic method that terminates pests by dehydrating method. It absorbs the moisture present in spiders and leads them to their deaths. DE is a fine powder that can be directly used by spraying on spiders or spider-prone areas.

It can also be used by mixing with water. Dilute 1 tablespoon of DE in a spray bottle filled with water. Shake the solution well and it is ready to use against the spider.

Remove dust (Precaution)

Spiders love the dusty area to create webs. Removing dust from the house will make our home less attractive to spiders. Regular vacuuming and cleaning will keep the pest away from your home.

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