What is the best insecticide for spiders?

There are varieties of spiders we come across. A few of them are the cellar spider, black widow, and wolf spider. Spider-like cellar spider makes web to trap their prey, on the other hand, wolf spider roams around and doesn’t construct web. 

Spiders we encounter in our houses are usually harmless. They are even considered beneficial pests as they prey on other insects. But other spiders like widow and brown recluses are considered dangerous. 

How to control a spider?

Hygiene to start with

Vacuuming and brooming the floor properly will remove all the spider webs and eggs and spiders. Cleanliness also discourages the pest from returning. Spiders like to live in quiet and disturbing less area like cupboards, corners, and clutter, and keeping them clean will make them less appealing to spiders.

Spiders also love the place the shrubs, vines, and tree limbs, as it is easy to develop a web there for spiders. Install the less appealing light so spiders don’t choose to make web around them.  

Install window mesh or tight window screens so that insects can’t come through them.

Use insecticide to keep spiders at bay

Whatever kind of insect or spiders we have in your house, we don’t want to share our home with them. And insecticides are the best and fastest solution to get rid of them.

But one more problem is associated with using insecticide. The chemical present in insecticides will get rid of the pest and sometimes in the fastest time. But they also leave many side effects that can harm your health and environment.

But there is a solution to that as well. We pai hygiene and Health care deal with the organic product. And have insecticides for spiders made of natural substances and essential oil.  

Pai’s organic spider spray is specially designed to eliminate spiders naturally. It is made of a blend of essential oil extracts such as lemon grass, neem, and clove essential oil. It is safe to use a product that gives 100% effectiveness. Its easy-to-use terminology made it more efficient. You just need to spray this ready-to-use solution in the infected area. 

Using a substance available at home (vinegar)

If buying any kind of insecticide sounds costly method to you. You can also use vinegar that can easily be found in your kitchen. Vinegar is a natural substance to get rid of the spider. To make a spray with vinegar follow the step written below.

  1. Pour the vinegar into the spray bottle until it is half filled.

  2. Then add water in the left half part of a spray bottle. 

  3. Shake the bottle well until the solution is ready to terminate spiders. 

Use of essential oil

If you are an organic lover and likes to deal with every pest problem with organic solution then you must be aware of the power of essential oil. Peppermint essential oil is one of the best natural substances to treat spiders. Its strong smell will pursue the spiders to leave your home and never come back.

To make the solution with peppermint essential oil add 15-20 drops of oil and dilutes it with water. it will be better if you add a spritz. Spray this solution on spiders to terminate them and keep them at bay.

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