What is the best pest control technique for your garden?

Pests are meant to disturb your peaceful life. And it becomes very important to eliminate them. The first step to eliminating the pest is identifying them. If you know what pest is the reason for your garden mess, it will be a lot easier to deal with them too.

Even though we have a lot of choices for pest control, nothing is better than using organic or natural ways. Organic solutions do not have any side effects, neither on plants nor on the environment.

Organic solutions are also safe to use for your health. And they provide long-term results.

Let’s discuss a few best working methods to get rid of the pest from your garden.

Compost or manure



The good health of the soil is a key point for plants' good health. And to keep soil health good you should add compost at least once a month. Adding compost from time to time will keep the pest at bay.

Trimming and manual removal of pest

We usually tend to ignore the trimming of the plants' bad leaves or branches. but it is important part leaves with bad health are more prone to attract pest infestation.

If your plant already has pests them trimming the damaged branch or leaving with more pests is the fastest way to remove the problem. Similarly, the removal of pests like aphids, and caterpillars manually can be the fastest way to terminate pest problems from your plant.

High-pressure water spray

If you only have a few plants then manual removal of pests is possible. But for lots of plants in the garden, it seems like a waste of time to do. So you can use high-pressure water to remove the pest from your plants.

Neem Spray

Neem spray is one of the best, organic and effective solutions against garden pests.

To make the neem spray, dilute a few drops of neem oil with liquid soap and water. fill the solution in a bottle and spray it directly on the plant.

Note – Make sure to do the patch test. To do the patch test spray the solution on one or two leaves and a little part of the branch to check it doesn’t have any bad impact on your plant.

Oil Spray (Neem + Clove + Eucalyptus)

Oil spray will keep the bugs stay away from your plant. To make the oil spray dilute a few drops of neem oil, along with a few drops of clove oil and if possible eucalyptus oil. Mix the solution with a few drops of liquid soap and water.

Fill the solution in a spray bottle and oil spray is all ready to spray on the plant to keep the bugs away.

Oil spray terminates the pests by suffocating them. So to get an early and effective result you must spray the solution directly at the pest.

Note – make sure to do the patch test. (How to do patch as explained above)

Diatomaceous earth

diatomaceous earth


Diatomaceous earth is a great solution if you have ants in your garden. Diatomaceous earth is compound of ground minerals and completely safe to use and organic product.

Sticky traps

Sticky trams are rigid materials f particular color with stickiness. A particular color in the trap will attract the bugs and stickiness in them will stick the bug to the material. If you want these traps effective make sure they are clean and sticky enough.

You can buy these traps from the marketplace or you can them by yourself as well. Place the traps every 2-3 feet distance (near the plant, at plant height).

Organic garden care products 

If you are interested in a fast and reliable solution without much effort, then you can opt for organic garden care products.

Gardens and plants are very precious, treat them with care and love along with a safe solution.

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