What is the best repellent for spiders?

Spiders! Some love them and keep them as pets; on the other hand, some hate them. Whatever the situation is no one wants spiders in their house as pests. And the webs created by the spider bring a different kind of nuisance. On top of that, if a spider bites you, pain is also something you will never want.

These all make it necessary to terminate them. And the urge of terminating spiders must have brought you to this blog as well. So let’s dig in and find out some great solutions to terminate the spider.

What is a spider?

Spiders are insects that belong to the “arachnids” species group and have eight legs. Spiders are air-breathing insects, that can’t chew and do not have antennae or wings. There are almost 50,000 known different species of spiders.

Spiders range from skinny little guys to wolf spiders. But don’t you get comfortable thinking it’s just a little spider what can it do? Spider brings many more insects with them and they don’t like you, same as you.

Repellent to kill spiders

When you are dealing with a spider infestation, to keep this dangerous pest out – An organic solution is all that you need. A wide range of repellents is available to control devil-like spiders. But considering the spike towards safety, non-chemical use, organic or homemade solutions are best.

These methods are best at repelling spiders without any harmful side effects.
The scent that are enemies of spiders

Some scents such as peppermint essential oil may be pleasant for us and have the exact opposite effect on spiders. These scents are used to deter spiders.

Essential oil peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, rose essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil to name a few have diverse effects on the spider.
To use these oils add around 20 drops of essential oil to water and fill up the spray bottle. Spray directly on the affected area.

Natural spider repellent

Managing time is the most difficult thing that one person can do nowadays. In this situation, if you have something that can repel your problem in addition to safety benefits nothing is more good than that.

Natural spider repellent is that DIY solution you can use easily. You don’t need to spend time making processes for organic and safe solutions.

Organic or natural spider repellent is a safe solution made of essential oil like clove, lemongrass, and neem. This is specially formulated to deal with a severe infestation of spiders efficiently. This product has been found 100% effective and safe to use around kids and pets.

Traps to eliminate spiders

Another safe way to terminate spiders is by catching them with traps. To lure spiders towards traps bait is used and the pest gets caught by the sticky surface of the traps. But traps need to be placed at the point where most spiders can easily reach them.

In addition to this now folded traps are available that protect your floor from getting nasty with dead bugs.

Once you get rid of any pest, the fact that they can come back is the biggest fear left. To stop spiders from coming back precaution is the best thing you can use and follow. You can use essential oil spray once in a while to protect your house from spider infestation again.

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