What is the best treatment for termites at home?

Having a termite will damage your furniture and house foundation; did this trouble you as well? Don’t worry you are not alone in this fight. Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage across the world in a year including structural and property damage. How to treat termites is a big question in Indian homes.
Wood is a common substance that you can encounter in every other home.

Wood is also the favorite food of termites. Seeing termites' destructive nature most people call pest control exterminators whereas some can’t afford to call experts. No worries, in any case, we learn about the method, using them termites can keep at bay.

Make house structure less attractive

When we construct our dream house, we tend to do little things that invite termites to our homes. Considering little things during construction will help to keep termites at bay.

Use a concrete foundation; leave enough ventilation space between the soil and wood. Maintain the prevention so that doesn’t come. The soil around the foundation should be dry, as wet soil can lure termites. Maintain the drainage system including the gutters well so that it doesn’t wet the soil.

Fix the leaks right away after you see them. Also, bind any opening that can attract termites to the foundation. Keep the vent and plant area clean, dry, and blockage free so they don’t become the way to termite infestation.

Use of pesticides organic or chemical

Termites can be controlled using chemicals and organic solutions. Other than that physical barriers are also used to control termites.

Organic solution

Organic compounds or biological control agents such as nematodes, fungi, and organic pesticides are used to control termites. They are a non-toxic formula that is safe to use around kids and pets. Other than that physical barriers are also used to keep the pest away from your house.

Physical barriers such as steel mesh have shown good results in controlling termites.

Organic pesticide use is also increasing day by day raising concerns about the toxicity of the product. Organic termite repellents are solutions that are made of natural compounds such as essential oils to control pests.

Chemical solution

We all know chemicals are used to control any kind of pest by exterminators. Chemicals are also available as repellent in do-it-yourself spray bottles. But your safety check is if the product compounds are EPA registered or not. EPA is a standard that allows chemical use in which the product doesn’t become life-threatening.

Bait to lure termites

In the past several years' the bait system has developed a lot and is used to terminate almost every pest. For termites bait systems in installed in a house filled with a substance to lure them. Once the termite finds its way to the bait system luring substance is replaced with bait to eliminate the termite colony.

Termites are known to be a destructive pests so it is best to treat them as soon you encounter termite infestation. To kill termites’ chemicals show fast results but they can also lead to health problems. So I will suggest treating termites either with an organic solution or with bait stations filled with organic termite-killing bait.

  • Sep 23, 2022
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Clare Martin August 24, 2023

I have a holiday house recently built in North Central Victoria, and I’m worried about it getting infested with termites without me knowing since the building is mostly made out of wood. I found it helpful when you told us to consider using organic pesticides for our termite treatment since we won’t have to concern ourselves with the toxicity of the product because they are made of natural compounds. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a pest control company in North Central Victoria to hire for termite treatment soon. https://totalpestcontrol.net.au/pest-control/termites/

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