What is the best way to control flies?

Warmer days come with a lot of flying insects. But winters are also not safe from flies. One thing we love to do in winter is sit in the sunlight, having oranges, guava, etc. But flies don’t let us stay in peace and come to enjoy vitamin D with us. Instead, they cling to our favorite spots and are there to irritate us.

If you have been in this situation, you must wonder how to eliminate them. When flies visit becomes inevitable, it is necessary to deal with this problem. Let’s discuss some most effective methods to control the flies problem.

If one doesn’t work, the combination of two or more than that can be used to get faster results.

Find the source to eliminate

  • Flies love to land on organic matter such as plants, compost, animal waste, etc.

  • Flies use these sources as hosts for laying eggs. A female fly can lay 50 to 100 eggs at a time and approx 500 eggs in a lifetime. And in no time, the eggs hatch and emerge in mature flies.

  • Getting rid of these sources will reduce the places for flies to live and lay eggs.

  • Also, make sure to dump the garbage regularly, and animal waste should be cleaned up.

  • Keep the window and doors closed, and install the door so they automatically open and close.

  • Install the sticky tape and UV light trap inside the home to catch them.

Natural predators

Natural predators are a great solution. If you have flies in your garden, this is perfect for dealing with pests. Animals like birds will feed on the flies, reducing the number of flies in the park. Natural predators are the cheapest and safest way to treat the flies in the garden.

Essential oil to treat flies

The specific essential oil can be used to terminate the house fly problem. Essential oil scents are pleasant to us but not as pleasing to house flies. The strong and pungent smell of essential oil will make flies run away and never return to the same place again.

Natural/organic DIY pesticide

Natural pesticides are ready-to-use and safe substitutes for harmful pesticides. These solutions treat houseflies with gel baits, sprays, and many other forms.

One safe, trusted, and practical solution is Pai Organics General Pest Control. It doesn’t only treats and terminates the house flies but also kills other home insects. It is an eco-friendly solution with natural active ingredients safe for kids and pets.

What causes flies?

Flies often come looking for warm places. They usually fly and come in groups and land on us together. Even one fly can bring a lot of irritation and disturbance; if many of them come, they become irresistible.

But if you think that irritation, annoyance, and nuisance is the only thing flies can originate, you are so wrong. If they land on your food, they can spread many diseases and foodborne illnesses.

The dump is a major attraction for two flies. Keep unused items from being collected near or inside your house.

  • Dec 15, 2022
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