What is the main cause of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can cause big trouble. Bed bugs are as minor as the size of an apple seed. These little creatures thrive in your blood and are often responsible for the itchy, red, bumpy bites on your exposed skin. But the problem continues beyond there. They can also lead to insomnia and anemia-like disease on a typical basis.

Cause of bed bugs

Do you know what reason causes bed bugs? The bed bug didn't come to my home because it was untidy or unclean. They fall over for your blood and settle where they can quickly get it.

Bed bugs can recognize you by the scent of your body which is the release of CO2. The pungent smell and warm place also provide the ideal place to live. That is why bed bugs love to live in your bed and sofa, as they can quickly reach their target.

Bud bugs are great survivors and can live up to a year without food. Unfortunately, their tiny size and flat body allow them to quickly get into your clothes, beds, sofas, and furniture.

When bed bugs bite, they also leave the saliva that is usually full with anesthesia, and because of this, we don't even realize when bed bugs bite us and suck our blood.

Where does the bed bug stay?

However, bed bugs mostly like to live where they can easily reach food. But they don't stop only there; they also go in sofas, cardboard, clothes, and many other indoor objects. They have incredible speed. They can quickly move four feet in just a minute.

  1. Some indoor objects that bed bugs live in

  2. Mattress

  3. Cardboard & switchboard

  4. Clothes

  5. Luggage items, suitcase

  6. Cracking in paints or walls

  7. Blankets & pillow

  8. Areas around bed frames

  9. Area of clutter

How to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are complex, but getting rid of them is relatively easy if the infestation level is low. It is necessary to take immediate action when dealing with bed bugs.

Remove the clutter

However, clutter and dirty home aren't the reason for bed bug invitations, but they do provide them place easy to live in. It is necessary to clear the clutter and use the vacuum on a timely basis, daily if possible. So they need help finding a place they can stay comfortably.

Fix the seal and cracks.

One of the bed bugs' favorite places to live is cracking paint. Fixing it indicates stealing the place to hide from bed bugs.

Bed bug killer

Cleaning and leaving fewer places for pests is one part, but it is essential to kill those already in the house to terminate them. To do so, organic bed bug killer is the best option.

Pai Organics bed bug killer is organic and safe around kids' products. It is made of earth minerals. It is a fine powder with the object to wrinkle the effect on the infested area.

Diatomaceous earth is also an excellent solution to the bed bug problem.

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