What is the solution to prevent the termite problem after years of construction?

Termite is indeed a big problem so their solution is vital. Termites are a dangerous pest that can turn your precious and expensive furniture into the trash. They are small and hard to get rid of the kind pest. So if you know what is your pest type, it will make it a lot easier to terminate them.

What are termite and their types?

Termites are the tiny insects that make your house's foundation and furniture hollow. They are primarily two types.

  1. Subterranean

  2. Dry wood

Both types are highly destructive. Subterranean termites usually destroy the foundation as they like the moist area to live. These termites live under homes and destroy the wooden foundation of the houses.

Dry wood termites unlike subterranean do not need a moist environment to live. They live in the walls and siding of the house. The mud trail you see near your house corners is caused by these dry wood termites.

How to know you have termites?

Termites are very small destructive insects. Termite nature of living inside something makes them hard to detect. Most people don’t even know they are having termite infestation until termites do adequate damage.

So the primary way of finding termite infestation is through inspection. Regular inspection can alert you if you are having any infestation. You can check if there are any hollow spots or mud trails, they indicate the termite infestation.

Looks out for the holes in the furniture if there are any then pock it with some pointed object if it falls off that means you have a termite infestation.

Prevention/control technique of termites

Exposure to sunlight

Sunlight is the best way to deal with termites. Termite stays in the dark and the moist place so exposure to the sunlight means termination of them. In addition to that, termites die easily with heat.

Don’t let cardboard boxes lie next to the wall. This invites moisture and eventually termites.

Use of borax for termites

Borax is an anti-agent for termite problems. Make a solution with borax and water and fill the spray bottle with it. Spray the solution on the infected area. This is a very effective and reliable solution for termites in an area like a cupboard and drawers.

Oil treatment for termites

Neem oil and orange oil are reasonable solutions for termite infestation. Neem oil has shown its adverse effect when ingested by termites.
Distance between soil and wood

Termites mainly target the house foundation and generate colonies. Keeping distance between soil and wood is a must to prevent your home from termites.

Natural remedies for termites

Pai’s organic Termite Repellent is one of the best organic repellents to control the termite problem. It is a certified organic product that provides 100% effectiveness, along with eco-friendly and non-toxic properties.

Other than sprays and repellents non-chemical methods can also include physical barriers. One example of physical barriers is Termite Bait System.

Termites can be treated with natural substances or products as well. Most pest problems initiate in your kitchen first. And you will be surprised to know that many things that are available in the kitchen can be the best solution for termites. Some of them are dish-washing gel, salt, garlic, clove, boric acid, etc.

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