What Kills Cockroach Instantly?

You were living healthy life until you noticed your loved ones are agonizing with frequent food poisoning. And when you were attentive to find out the reason behind it, find the out cockroach infestation in your kitchen. Worried to find the solution?

If proper actions are not taken to repel cockroach infestation it can turn into a disaster. Here in this article, you will be provided all the answers to your question to throw away all your worries. Along with the tips that kill cockroaches instantly.

The complication of having cockroach infestation at home is ridiculous.

In India, German and American cockroaches are present in large numbers and catch sight over and over again. Cockroaches are famous for escalating many diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery, food poisoning, and many more. These are a very nuisance and filthy pest. Most common species of cockroach that found in India bread so quick to double up the population. Female species of cockroach can meet male cockroach for once and stay pregnant for life.

Effective ways to kill cockroach instantly


Fipronil is the element that is the prime element to kill the cockroach. which is the base of every cockroach-killing product available in the market.

Boric Acid:

boric acid (instant cockroach killer)

Boric acid is a well-known and most effective weapon to deal with these filthy pests. But a creature named a cockroach needs to form direct contact with boric acid. Boric acid comes as a very fine powder that will stick to a cockroach's body. And these little but vicious pests will die by the dehydration process.

You can also mix boric acid with sugar to attract cockroaches to come in touch with this fine powder.


Sprays are also very powerful to kill pests instantly. Especially when it comes to cockroaches there are a variety of sprays are available to kill them. These sprays encompass insecticide, usually pyrethroid which kills cockroaches instantly. But these are toxic to the human nervous system if inhaled. And it can also cause itchiness and dizziness.

So I will suggest handling the cockroach killing sprays with care and keep away from children's reach.

Baking soda:

If you are intending to handle these little pests with some home remedies then baking soda will be the best option for you. Mix baking soda with sugar to attract cockroaches to eat this bait. And sprinkle it around all over where you have a cockroach infestation. Make sure to sprinkle it on the dry area otherwise it could be messy.

Baking soda will work to destroy the digestive system of cockroaches and eventually will kill them.

Boric acid bait with flour:

Sometimes even after taking the proper care using baking soda with sugar could be messy. As it can invite some other problems like ants. And it also makes it harder to clean up after using baking soda with sugar.

So there is an alternative way to that remedy you can use. Flour also make a great item to attract cockroach to consume the bait. Mix the equal quantity of boric acid and flour and make a small ball of them. Place this bait to the places where cockroaches easily fall to eat that. And enjoy the relief from a cockroach.

Cockroach traps:

There are several cockroach traps are present. This is easily obtainable in shops. One of them is an adhesive tape, which kills cockroaches without poison or toxic.

These cockroach traps keep the cockroach in a small container and keep them there with stick glue. And eventually, cockroaches die in there.

Essential oil:

Various essential oils are present which not only can give you relief from your stress named cockroach but also provide a wonderful aroma.

Diatomaceous earth:

 Diatomaceous earth

You can also use Diatomaceous earth in place of boric acid to kill the cockroach. It comes in the form of fine powder which works on the dehydration process to kill cockroaches.

And it will the greater way to eliminate cockroaches if you don’t want to use any kind of    acid. but wants to get rid of cockroaches soon.

Exterminator/Pest control service:

If you have a restaurant or hotel or guesthouse then it will be very time-consuming to kill cockroaches manually. In that case, an exterminator will be a great choice to kill all the cockroaches at once and instantly. This process could be expensive but it will be infeasible to use home remedies for such a big place like a restaurant. Complete pest control needs time to terminate. But this will be such a relief to the places like hospitals, hotels, restaurants as it terminates the cockroach infestation instantly.

Precaution to keep cockroach at bay

  • Precaution is a mandatory step to take after relaxation with a cockroach infestation problem.

  • Keep the utensils dry after washing them as moisture is one of the greatest ways to invite cockroaches inside homes.

  • Make sure you don’t have a leakage problem.
  • Dark and moist place places are a dreamland for pests like cockroaches, so make sure to clean all the crumbs or anything from the floor and wipe out all the water even from the sink before going to bed.

Hygienists and cleanliness will be the greatest way to keep cockroaches at bay once you get rid of these devil-like pests.


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