What natural fly repellents work well? How?

With the summer coming, flies also knock on our door with the urge to be inside. Closing the door and windows is an easy and direct way to keep the fly out. But is it possible to do so? These uninvited guests are great trouble and number one to make us frustrated.

Another fast alternative is to spray chemicals to get them killed or out. But it could be a wrong choice for someone sensitive to solid smells. Furthermore, chemicals have many side effects that can harm you widely. And chemical use can be proved as unpleasant, especially when you have kids or toddlers.

In that case, organic and natural solutions are a savior.

Essential oils

Lemongrass, citronella, catnip, and cinnamon essential oils are great choices against the fly. Unfortunately, they have a pungent smell that flies doesn't like.

To prepare essential oil spray, take one bowl of water, add a few drops of liquid soap and one tablespoon of vinegar. Dilute a few drops of essential oil, mix the solution well, and fill the spray bottle with the ready answer. Finally, spray this solution on the infested area. The essential oil will work as a boost to this solution to work well and fast.

However, essential oils are natural but also known as plant toxins. And can be harmful if used in a more significant portion. Also, never pour the essential oil on bare skin directly. It can irritate the skin.

Use of plants to keep pests out

Plants are a terrific natural way and entirely safe to keep pests at bay. Plants don't want the little insects/pests to gnaw on them, so they have developed anti-pest properties. For example, some plants leave the vapor that bays off the problems. Even burning some particular plant leaves (such as neem leaves) is a good source of keeping pests out.

Lavender also keeps the pests away, and planting them in your garden and house will not only ease the problems. But lavender's beautiful purple flowers will act as ice on the cake to the beauty of your garden.

Natural fly repellent

Seeing a trend towards "go organic, go natural," many crude products are available to deal with problems. And pai Organics' general pest control is best for this purpose. It is a solution entirely made of natural substances.

Essential oils are the active ingredients in General Pest Control.

Precaution at rescue

Whatever we use, precaution is always the critical point when it comes to pest control. One succeeding way is making your home and garden less appealing to the fly. Keep clutter from taking a corner or place in your garden.

Some strong scents are so attractive to the fly that they don't want to leave your house. So keep your home free from the lovely aroma.

The number of herbs like bay leaves and lemon will keep them at bay.

Clean the excessive water source nearby; standing water and moisture is the most significant source of inviting mosquito.

Keep the trash can well maintained and make sure garbage is not overflowing from the trash can. Trash should properly be thrown inside the can, not outside.

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