What permanently kills roaches and their eggs?

Roaches are biggest crises for every mother to deal with. They comes everywhere in the kitchen to just increasing the work for moms. Cockroach spread nuisance and filth everywhere they go. Along with that they escalate so many allergies. Roaches are also persistent type of pest that makes it harder to get rid of.

Once they find the place according to their liking and preferences, they will increase their population. In addition with roaches their eggs are create more filth all over your house where they breed.  

How to get rid of roaches?

We broadly have two choices to get rid of any pest problem. One is chemical use and the other is natural\organic solution. It depends on the one preference what solution to go with. But for me organic or natural are best to deal with pest problem. Organic solutions are safe to use and less likely to have any side effects.

Let’s know about some organic and effective solution to get rid of roaches permanently.

cockroach control

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural way to deal with cockroach. It is available in fine powder form that sticks to roaches body and kill them by dehydration process. Diatomaceous eath is also very effective in killing the roach eggs.

It is best method to use in fine areas, as DE fine powder can reach inside the cracks.

Boric acid

Boric acid is one of most popular organic method to deal with roaches. You need to mix Boric acid powder with sugar, to make the appealing and effective bait against cockroach. Sprinkle this powdered bait where you have seen roaches.

Sugar will attract the roaches to eat the bait and boric powder will kill them.

How to kill roach eggs?

Crush the eggs ootheca and dispose of them in the dustbin. Spray can also be used for terminating roach eggs.

If you want to opt for an organic solution to eliminate roach eggs then borax will be the right choice for you. Mix equal amounts of borax with sugar, and your roach egg solution is all ready to use.

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