What pest can pest control manage?

Pest control companies examine the house and manage every genre of pest. Pest Control Company works with you to perceive the level of pest infestation and discuss the plan with you to exterminate the little evil from your house.

Pest control exterminators handle every kind of creepy crawlies be it cockroaches, the bed bug, termites, wasp, beetles, flee, etc. A good pest control employee knows very well the place where these devils can take shelter and wield the method that works best. 

If you don’t want to apply chemical processes at your home there are also lots of organic pest control products available to keep these unknown devils like invaders out of your house.    

What should expect from pest control

  1. Pest control service uses poisonous pesticides, chemical fungicides, which demand correct certification by law. So you must have ensured that they are certified to do pest control services. And they are allowed to use the chemical pesticide they are going to spray at your home.
  2. Ask them to show certificates, check their website to get more detail. You can also consider checking their customer reviews. Make sure to check their identification card with their photo and company name on it
  3. You must anticipate that you will be provided a free consultation. Where technician will evaluate your home, and survey the places that you think and they think according to your assessment might be infested.
  4. Pest control exterminator also checks for the sources and aspect because of which you have an infestation.
  5. They will devise the treatment plan and make a report to discuss the strategy with you to treat the pest problem.
  6. A good pest control inspection team will always provide you the guidelines to care about for the safety of your pets and family members. Talks about the prior steps you should take depending on the infestation.           
  7. And also will discuss the point to keep in after the treatment.

Pest prevention

In earlier days pest control was more focused on treatment using insecticide and chemicals than prevention. But as per the increasing concern towards chemical use pest control services are more attentive to prevention techniques.

Moreover that mechanical traps and use of organic pesticides are used even by many pest control companies.

Choice of pest control method

Nowadays pest control companies deal in different industries and provide customers numerous ways to treat the pest. Also, the pest control method differs from the area for pest control.

Pest control in agriculture

For controlling any kind of agriculture IPM (Integrated Pest Management) focused on four ways including cultural, biological, physical, and chemical methods.

IPM tries to inspect the area and choose the method with the least harm to the environment. It uses physical traps to handle macro pests and cultural and biological ways to deal with the micro pest.

And if still compilation of pest exists, it uses chemical method at minimum level can be used to end pest infestation.

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Pest control in the home

In-home pest control mostly uses chemicals to put them out of your house forever. Some companies also use organic pesticides to end the infestation. Pesticides have a chronic effect on the environment too.

If you have a soft corner for the environment too you can ask the pest control exterminator to use pesticide which is organic and have fewer side effects on the environment as well as your family and your pets’ health.

Pests handled by pest control

Although pest control services and pest control product handles almost every species of pest there is some primary pest that is specially handled using pesticide made only for them.


Boric acid is the best element that is used to control cockroaches. Cockroach control pesticides bait has Fipronil as an active ingredient to manage roaches problem. Boric acid is toxic if used in plants it can erroneously affect the plant.

Bait is comparatively less toxic than sprays and liquid pesticides. Most pest control services use liquid fluid as a pesticide which includes Avermectin which is high toxicity active ingredient. Borate and hydramethylnon which is less toxic to humans.


Fipronil is one of the main compounds and active ingredient which is used by pest control for any kind of pest. Including that for termites Arsenic Trioxide is used which is toxic and slightly soluble to water, but more toxic to mammals and insects if consumed in powdered form.

Bifenthrin and permethrin are synthetic pyrethroid pesticides used as active ingredients for termites. These pesticides contain low to high toxicity to humans.

Mosquitoes and flies

Although there are many non-toxic ways you can use to control mosquitoes. But if you have decided on calling a pest control you must have known that they use Larvicide chemical to treat water mosquito, Adulticides are used as foggers and spraying to control adult mosquitoes.

And Synergists has used which not toxic to even mosquitoes but it makes Adulticides even more effective.

Bed Bug

Bud bugs are deadly pests but they could be treated by high heat and low heat. But if you are planning to acquire pesticides to treat bed bugs you must know what pesticides can dangerously affect you.

The pesticides which are hazards to human health some of them are Chlorfenapyr, N-Methyl carbamates, Neonicotinoids, Organophosphate, Pyrethroids, and Salfuryl Floride have moderate to high toxicity to human health even in small concentration.


There numerous traps and physical machines are available to control rats and make them leave your house. But if you are planning to use poison to get rid of them as soon as possible. You might have to take some precautions for your pets’ health.

Rodenticides encompass chemicals that can have moderate to high toxicity to your lovely pets and birds. Some of them are Chlorophacinone, Diphacinone, Warfarin, Brodifacoum, Difethialone, Zinc phosphide, Bromethalin which uses as active ingredients in rodenticides.

These chemicals have low to high toxicity effects on mammals and birds.


Pest control is necessary but keeps in mind using pesticides for pest elimination can have an acute effect on your loved ones, and your pets and birds too. You must have chosen the solution which can resolve your pest problem and have minimum effect on health and environment too.


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