What scent will keep the spiders away?

Spiders are good for the environment. As they help reduce other bugs' populations. The best pest is still pest and we can’t tolerate them in our house. Spiders and their web especially are the pure reason for nuisance in the house.

Sometimes natural is the best solution ever. Old tricks such as the use of newspaper to through away the spiders are best. But it took time and power, to reduce those efforts natural solutions are a good choice. We are here to find a natural solution to get rid of these nuisance developer pests.

Smell to make spiders run out of the house

Essential is a great natural solution to deter spiders. Peppermint essential oil shows the tremendous result to terminate spiders. Spiders are also sensitive to oils as they tend to smell through their legs. In addition with this peppermint essential oil is environment friendly and also safe for your pets.

Spiders also hate the smell of citrus essential oil.

How to prepare essential oil repellent

If you suspect spiders’ arrival you can directly use the essential oil near the ceiling and entrance points. But direct use of essential oil can cause burning when comes in contact with the skin.

Or the better way is to make a solution by diluting a few drops of essential oil in water. Shake the solution well and spray this on the infected area.

One other way of using essential oil is using a cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball in essential oil or essential oil solution and place the ball in the corners of the entrance point and spider-prone areas.

Garlic spray

Garlic has a pungent smell that pests can’t stand. To make the garlic sprays add 5 to 6 cloves of smashed garlic and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Let the solution rest for a few hours to get the best results. Spray the solution on the infected area to deter the spiders away.

Vinegar to keep spiders away

Vinegar has many uses in our house chores. And this liquid attracts many pests one of them is spiders. Add equal parts of vinegar and water and mix the solution well.

Use this solution, and spray the solution in the areas where spiders have been seen. Or in the areas where suspect spiders are presence.

Mint to deter spiders

The mint smell is something we like but the case is not the same with pests. Spiders aren’t that fond of mint smell they even hate it. Spiders along with many other pests just keep their distance with mint.

You can also use mint essential oil in place of mint. Adding catnip with mint will give better and fast results.

  • Oct 19, 2022
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