What should we do when an ant bites?

Pests are always irresistible and when they can harm us, it becomes more like a headache. Most ants don’t bite their method of attacking someone is more like a stinging. Ant can bite you more than once. The allergies and bites cause can be different in every person.

Some people may suffer from the swollen area at the place where ant bites you; some might have an itchy area and may have other allergies too. When “we talk about ant bites, we are discussing Fire Ants bites.” When an ant bites you, more than itchy skin it’s like the painful bites.

How ant bites and it looks like?

Fire ants sting you but before stinging they lock your skin by their jaws then put in the sting inside. But fire ants are very aggressive and don’t satisfy by just stinging you once instead they bite multiple times, mostly in a circular motion. They also discharge venom with the sting.

At once ant bites looks like red itchy bumps but with time go (almost in 8-24 hour); they turn into little bumps with pus inside it. As we have discussed earlier too, some people can have a larger reaction like swelling up the whole area around the bite.

Ant bites are very painful because of venom. In studies, it is also proven that some people are allergic to fire ants bite. Bites can be treated on your own if you are not suffering from a severe reaction.

How ant bites can be treated?

Treatment of fire ant bites depends on several reactions. If you are suffering only from red welts then either you can treat it yourself or treatment based on local care. Sometimes cool water and antihistamine medicine can help, according to Dr. Anthony.

Steps to treat ant bites by yourself.

  1. Wash the bite area with running water and soap.

  2. Brush the ant jaws off your skin using a towel or cloth if possible.

  3. Use an ice pack to make the sting come out from the skin. Put the ice pack 15 minutes on the skin and 15 minutes off the skin.

  4. Raise the part of your body to reduce the swelling if the infected part got swelled up.

  5. Use antihistamine to treat the bite area and reduce inflammation and itch.

Note: Do not put ice directly on your skin either use an ice pack or use a towel or cloth to wrap the ice.

Things should not be used while having an ant bite

  1. Don't pop out the bite or scratch the area.

  2. Don't use ammonia, half bleach half water bite area.

  3. Don't use alcohol and astringent to wash the bite.

  4. Don't use medicine without doctor supervision.

  5. If first aid treatment doesn’t work, you should immediately concern the doctor.

How to prevent or avoid fire ants?

  • Wear boots and thick socks when you go outside, and also wear protective clothing.

  • Leave the spot immediately where ant bit you, it could be possible that there is more than one ant.

  • Stay away from the ants' nest, and be careful when you work in the garden or lawn.

  • Call exterminator or use deet contain pesticide to end the ant infestation from your house.

  • You can also use natural pesticides or some homemade ways to get rid of ants.

  • Wear gloves while working in the garden.

Fire ants are a big problem in the southern US. So should be extra careful when you visit the southern US. You should be check properly when you sit and walk in public places, and wear boots when going outdoors. Consider using bug repellent before going outside.


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