What smell will keep roaches away?

When you have cockroaches in your house getting rid of them becomes the priority. When you see cockroaches scrolling around in your kitchen near your food it is just so annoying and frustrating. They escalate allergies like food poisoning.

Do you know one more power roaches are blessed with is “their sense of smell”? Cockroaches have a great sense of smell to find food and their mate. But their power can be used against them. We can terminate roaches because of their excellent sense of smell.

Get rid of roaches by smell 

Bay leaves

Bay leaves are a herb that is used to make food delicious by their strong flavor. And we are definitely in love with the flavor and smell of bay leaves. But the case isn’t the same with roaches. Cockroaches hate the smell of bay leaves.

To get rid of roaches with bay leaves just place them in a bowl or plate and put it near where you find most roaches or next to their living place.

Essential oil

According to research, the essential oil has great capability of dealing with these little pests. Especially some oil like lavender is extremely capable of repelling pests.

However, we don’t dislike the smell of essential oils as many cockroaches do. But there are some fragrances that we also can’t stand against. So you also have a choice between different essential oils and fragrances. We can use the essentials according to our preference.

Lavender or lavender oil

The lavender scent is very pleasant to us but roaches hate the smell of lavender. It can be used in two ways.

One is to grow the lavender in your mini garden to create a fence for mosquito entrances. And if you already have lavender in your garden you are already halfway towards mosquito control.

The second way is the use of lavender essential oil. Make the spray using lavender essential oil. To do so add approx 20 drops of lavender essential oil to water, and shake the solution well. And the solution is all ready to use. Spray it in all corners and mosquito-prone areas.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Similar to lavender oil eucalyptus smell is also something roaches don’t find pleasing. Use eucalyptus essential oil spray to keep mosquitoes at bay. You are someone who likes gardening and new plants to your garden. The Eucalyptus plant can also be grown in the garden to generate your eucalyptus oil smell.

Citrus essential oil

Citrus essential oil is another choice you can have to deter roaches. The smell is fresh citrus is very pleasing and we all fall for that. But roaches hate it and that makes the citrus essential oil is even more powerful tool for us.

Use citrus essential oil spray to deter roaches away from your house. You can also place citrus peels around in your house to keep roaches at bay.

Using an organic solution like homemade items and essential oils is a safe solution. But because they don’t include any chemicals in it so their presence time is a little less than any other chemical-based solution. So you need to use it more frequently for the best results.

  • Oct 01, 2022
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