What terminates roaches overnight from home?

Whoever deals with roaches at least once wishes to get rid of them in one night. But when you think about it, getting rid of cockroaches overnight seems impossible, isn’t it? Cockroaches cause instant disguises at first sight. For some cockroaches possess terror. 

These are the least problem that cockroaches can cause. Along with all these problems cockroaches can possess some serious threats such as food poisoning, and allergic reactions, deadly to the patient with asthma like a disease. Cockroaches are great at invading homes and spreading bacteria.

Despite all these problems some consider cockroaches as cute and keep them as pests. On the other hand, other people think of roaches as filthy disgusting pests. 

Identify what you are dealing with

Sometimes the problem doesn’t get solved because you are using the wrong treatment. All pests like beetles, bugs, termites, and cockroaches, invade your home through a window, plumbing pipes, or crack opening extra. And some other pests mistakenly think of as roaches. 

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How to eliminate roaches?

If you notice roaches in your home taking action is necessary. Cockroaches breed at a fast speed and if action is not taken then it will take no time to become an infestation. 

But the good news is that having roaches is not a new problem one is dealing with. So getting rid of them is also possible.  

Boric Acid

When you want to get rid of roaches fast trap and bait are the best solutions. Boric acid is one of the best and fastest effective weapons against cockroaches. Boric acid is easy to found compound that may already present in some homes. Boric acid is used as bait for roaches. 

boric acid for roaches


You can make use of boric acid by directly sprinkling it on cockroaches to terminate them. Or you can make bait out of mixing boric acid with sugar. Sugar will attract the roaches toward the bait and boric acid will terminate them. Sprinkling boric acid directly can be a little tricky and messy to use, but using boric acid as bait will solve the problem.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is an organic compound made of earth minerals and works effectively against roaches. It works in the dehydration process, diatomaceous earth destroys the roach skeleton eventually killing cockroaches. Diatomaceous earth will destroy the whole population of roaches from your home. 

Cockroach gel bait or pesticide spray

If don’t mind using chemicals then pesticide spray will be a great choice. Directly spray the solution on roaches to kill them. But you are one of those who look at ingredients first, being concerned with product toxicity gel baits are definitely for you. 

Apply the bait after completely cleaning and wiping the kitchen. For fast results putting bait in every 1-meter distance would be great along with keeping a few dots in the cupboard, and drawers-like places. However, how much distance is needed for the second dot varies with the roach infestation level you are dealing with.

Precaution is key to stopping cockroach coming back

  1. Clutters provide roaches with an environment they would love to stay in forever. So clean the clutter and don’t keep unnecessary boxes or newspapers in your house. 

  2. Clean the sink after washing and also clean up under the sink moisture invite roaches.

  3. Cover the pet food bowl or clean it every time after use. 

  4. Mop and sweep the floor on regular basis.




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