What time of day bed bug is most active?

In bed bug infestation early detection is a big help. The main reason behind this is bed bug infestation can turn into a nightmare in no time. Bed bugs are a nocturnal pest that is most active during the time of 2 am to 5 am. Bed bugs feed on human blood to grow and fertilize.

Bed bugs are nocturnal pests, meaning they are most active at night between 2 am and 5 am. They like to feed on humans at night because that is the time when they can feed on a person without being detected.

What time bed bug comes out?

Bed bugs usually come out during nighttime, during the night there is less light which makes them difficult to capture. In addition to that people rest at night and are active during the day so there is more chance of catching bed bugs in daylight.

Bed bugs feed on human blood which they can easily reach during the night. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t feed during the daytime. Bed bugs tend to feed most unexpectedly, according to experts they feed when they are hungry and the host is still.

If the case when bed bugs don’t get to eat much they feed in the daytime as well. And that is why you can also find them stacked on the sofa and in your clothes.

Does bed bug feed during daylight?

Bed bugs can feed during the daylight. However, it’s less likely that they will suck the blood in bright light. Bed bugs are opportunists and complete their requirement for blood whenever they get the chance. And when the lights are off and human is still, this situation makes a perfect chance for bed bugs to feed.

We can conclude according to the need and opportunity bed bugs feed day and night.

How to find and terminate bed bugs?

If you find dark brown or black spots on bedding, pillow cover, bed sheets, and sudden blood spots on the bed it indication of bed bug infestation. During an infestation, you can also notice a bunch of bed bug eggs in bed framing and corners.

Bed bug killer

Pai organics bed bug killer is a natural insecticide that eliminates bed bug infestation. It is a fine powder that sticks to the bed bug body and kills that by dehydrating process. It is effective to deal with bed bugs and completely safe to use around kids.

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