What time of year is best for pest control?

It goes with how much pest infestation you have if you seen cockroaches and mice wondering around your home, you should call pest control exterminator right away. But if you desires to control pest even before they approach inside your home.

You can always go for general pest control. Pest increases with the temperature warming up. As spring comes spiders, ants and flies starts invading into your home quietly. You can maintain them by spraying pesticide.

But question arises when is the right time to use pest control. Will it good with spraying in spring or wait until summer?

Best season for pest control

Although there might be not any perfect time then calling pest control as soon you observe the pest around house. But still the best time to do pest control is early spring. By using spraying in spring, it will terminate the nest and colonies of pest.

When treatment has less to do it will it will last the effect of treatment even longer. If you wait until abundance of pest then pest exterminate needs to do more work as well treatment needs to do more work that will make palliate the treatment effect time.

During the spring household pests are weakest. In this time of year insect and rodents come out of dormancy and become more active. After the cold summer pest wonder around in search of food and invade your house for the same.

It comes to true especially when it comes to ants, spiders, cluster flies, and bees. These insect have very low to tolerance level. Because of this half of the population of these little troublemakers dies in some areas during winter season.

Winter gives the preparation time for these little invaders; don’t think it as knock off time. Otherwise it will make you face the worst infestation in some cases. Professional who uses advance IPM techniques suggests sealing off all the entry point for these invaders during spring or early spring.

During early spring or winters moisture, heat, and light will not come in way as barrier. This is struggling point during summer.

How often should pest control done?

Number of times pest control needed

The next question about that most people are curious is for how many times they need to do pest control. Although it will be enough to do pesticides spray once in a year that too during the almost same time every year.

But it still depends on the fact that how badly you have pest infestation. Or if you observe any pest activity in mid time, you might need another treatment to control pest infestation. It’s not necessary that one treatment will be enough for all kind of pest.

Sprays are effective for insect that crawl but don’t give result in case of bed bugs and termites. These pests need other treatment for their end.

Internal Perimeter Treatment

When it’s early spring or quite summer time pest control service will start inspecting your house and spraying all around the kitchen, bathroom and the places these creepy crawlies can make their home.

These sprays include Deltamethrin that is originating to terminate the residential and commercial invaders (pests).

 Using this spray at beginning of these season ensure that pest will be eradicated by coming in contact with this especially formulated chemical to terminate these creepy crawlies.

Roof and Crawlspace

Dusting treatment is used for roof and crawlspace. A dusting machine is used to blow on cervices and corners of the roof which are hard to access. For this process pest exterminator needed special equipment.

Dusting effects lasts up to one year and designed to eliminate old insect and deter new one.

Gel Bait Technique

It is a technique used for kitchen cupboards, closet, corners which are hard to reach. This Gel bait is placed in all place which are hard to reach as described above. Gel bait effects last for up to one year.


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