What will kill the lizard instantly and naturally?

We love it when our home is completely hygienic and clean, don’t we? But pests like lizards, cockroaches, and many more ruin our happiness being present in our homes. Lizard one sight around your food can make you scream and disgust.

Lizard presence in the bedroom can lead to a sleepless night for some. But along with all these nuisances and scare lizards can also spread disease.

What disease did the lizard spread?

The most common disease reptiles (home lizards) spread is by the germs they carry. Lizards tend to spread germs all over the house the wander and it makes people sick. The most common germ that reptiles carry and spread is salmonella. They usually carry germs in their digestive system.

Why do lizards enter your home?

Lizards are unwanted guest that comes into our homes uninvited. But they become members soon. Once they enter it is hard to get rid of them. But the question is why do they even come?

Lizards are attracted to filth, the smell of leftover food, and the warmth of your house. The temperature of the room gives them the ideal atmosphere to stay there forever. Warm water is also something that lizards usually get attracted towards.

What will kill lizards?

Pepper spray

Pepper spray has the power of making lizard run and stop their return. Pepper spray will irritate the skin and eyes of the lizard and stop them from coming back to the same place ever again. It will also develop an allergic reaction to lizards. It should be the top most solution for you to use if you love using natural ways.

To make the pepper spray, add black pepper to the water and grind the solution. Or you can also add black pepper powder to the water and just mix the solution to use. Spray this solution directly on the lizards or most lizard-prone areas.

Use of peacock feather

Peacock feathers are so beautiful that we don’t mind keeping them in our house. But they aren’t just for decoration they also keep lizards away from your house. Peacock is known as natural lizard predator. So peacock feathers will scare the lizard away. 

Low temperature and cold water

If you want to make the lizard run from the room instantly just lower the temperature of the room. And lizards will automatically go out. Lizards are cold-blooded they rely on warm temperatures to live. They can’t stay in cold temperatures.

Or just throwing cold water will make lizards go crazy and they will run off for their life. You can also create a trap to catch lizards when you throw cold water at them.

Use of naphthalene balls

The use of naphthalene balls is best to keep lizards at bay if you don’t have to worry about kids or pets. Put the naphthalene balls in drawers, cupboards, under the sink, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and storage to make the lizard run off without killing them.

Naphthalene balls have a strong odor that we can get used to over time but lizards just can’t tolerate it.

Garlic clove and onion

Garlic and clove emit strong odors that will play with lizard senses. And lizards will be less likely to come into the area with that odor. Place a few cloves of garlic and slices of onion or the slices could be hung as a wall hanging.

Use of natural repellent

In the case of a lack of time but still, needing a natural solution, this method is for you. There are lots of natural/organic repellents available at the market place. Make sure to buy the original product. Pai’s organic lizard repellent is also a natural/organic, safe, and effective solution that I came across.




  • Oct 21, 2022
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Bob September 24, 2023

Flamethrower works wonders

Lula Woodruff November 06, 2023

I tried black pepper cloxrock and vinegar and bleach it turned black scared me got him pen down

Tanya Hudson February 18, 2024

None of that above kills lizards I’ve tried all of that and some. I’ve had lizards in my car for months and I need to know how to kill them because they want leave. There in the frame of my car doors and in my seats please how do I kill them I can’t afford to have my car stripped down that cost lots of money!

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