Why bed bug service is so expensive and a solution?

Bed bugs are challenging pests to get rid of. It is complex enough that terminating them can take weeks to a month. In addition, you can only stick to one method for bed bug termination purposes. Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration. And to get successful termination, everyone n the home must cooperate with the process too.

Bed bugs are challenging to terminate, which is also why the process is expensive. Let's point out the factors why bed bug treatment is costly.


Bed bug termination process and services take much longer than any other pest. Usually, they don't die with only one-time treatment. Instead, bed bugs must be treated repeatedly in particular intervals until they ultimately die.

And also average treatment time for a bed bug is longer. For example, treating cockroaches or ants takes 20-30 minutes, whereas bed bugs take up to 6-12 hours.

Bed bug killer Products

Bud bug-killer products must be approved as safe even if used in the mattress. Along with that, they also need to be good quality and effectively bed bug-killing power. Finally, bed bugs killing products must be safe as insects live in bed. To fulfill all these requirements bed bug-killing products are more costly than others.

Bed bug treatment equipment

Opting for professional bed bug treatment can be a lot more expensive than other ones. It required special equipment to deal with bed bugs. Bed bugs are often taken care of by extreme heat or cold processes. It takes lots of time and equipment that are not cheaper to get. That also needs to get done with the safety of other appliances and things in the home.

This service costs a lot.

Bed Bug Control Solution

For cheaper solutions, you can opt for DIY products or natural products that you can find in your house. For example, baking soda and diatomaceous earth are more affordable and practical solutions to bed bugs.

Diatomaceous earth and baking soda work on the dehydration process. Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder that sticks to their bodies and dries out all the oil from their skeleton, which leads them to death.

DIY Solution

you can opt for a DIY solution to eliminate the bed bugs from your house. These are reliable solutions and are available at affordable prices. 

Tea tree oil spray

tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties and does a tremendous job terminating bed bugs. Tea tree oil's anti-parasite properties make it an excellent insecticide. Dilute two teaspoons of tea tree oil in 50 ml water. Fill up the spray bottle with the solution, which is ready for use. 


It is an effective solution to put bed bugs at bay. However, lemongrass also increases the acidic properties that will kill the bedbug. To use lemongrass directly, spray it on a bed bug-infested area.

Bed bug traps 

Bed traps are also handy when you want peaceful sleep. Traps can be placed at each corner of the bed. Bed bug traps will stop them from climbing onto your mattress and lead you to a peaceful night's sleep. 

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