Why do ants suddenly appear in the house?

It is shocking to suddenly come up against an infestation of ants in your home. Once ants find the place according to their requirement, in no time there will be ants in thousands of numbers. In this situation as much as we want to remove them, we also want to know why they suddenly came. 

In warmer seasons we often see ants scurrying around in the backyard or sometimes inside the house too. When we open the doors and windows for ventilation the ants also enter the home without invitation. 

The source that invites ants

Food source

Ants' main attraction is food, they usually enter the home in search of food. And once they find such a place in no time there will be trails of thousands of ants. However, ants feed on everything they come across but they especially prefer sweet things.

If ants find sweets or things that are contaminated with sweet foods, colonies will form a trail of uncountable ants. The lists of food that lure ants are

  • Sugar

  • Honey

  • Fruit juice

  • Syrup

  • Meat

  • Containers that have been in contact with sweet things

Water source

Water is the most essential part of living not only for us but for pests as well. It is another important part of ants' searching that made them enter your home. If they find a reliable water source in your house, colonies of ants will make your home their permanent residence. 

To stop this, keep an eye on the moistest area of the house such as under the sink, and behind the refrigerator. Also, clean up the spills of water or any liquid immediately. 

What to do to stop ants? / Prevention


The best way to stop the ants from coming into the house is prevention. Keeping the home ready to deal with ant control will be the best practice. 

  1. Keep your home clean, so it doesn’t invite pests in the first place. 
  2. Throw away the food in bad condition or rotten fruits and vegetables. 
  3. As we learned earlier sweet things are a big attraction for ants so keep them in air-tight containers. Just keeping them inside the cupboards doesn’t help as ants can easily crawl into them.
  4. Fix any water leakage problem. Clean the spills from the pet water bowl or any other sources. Similar to sugar water is also the main reason for the invitation to ants. 

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a great natural repellent to terminate the ant problem. It is not a poison rather it absorbs the oil from ant skeletons that lead to their death.

Note – use it with care. It is fine that can be ingested with breathing. 

Natural ants gel bait

If using homemade solutions requires time and you can’t manage to do that, this option is for you. Gel baits are best as they opt for minimum side effects. Pai organics ant dot is verified ant control bait to deal with your problem and eliminate it. 

Whether you use chemical or natural solutions to treat the prevention is the key point. It will stop the pest from coming back and eliminate them to some extant too. 


  • Oct 28, 2022
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