Why do Bed Bugs Come Back

Bed bugs are the most deadly pest and the hardest to deal with. However, we manage to get rid of the bud bug. But gosh, they came back again. It's even much more irritating when they come back right. One question must arise in your mind why they returned after getting rid of them by putting in so much effort and expense?

There is a famous slogan for bed bugs "Bed bug is a form of the devil." The old lady says bed bug presence in the home causes lousy luck to family members.

Where do bed bugs come from?

We know cockroaches; we have seen them wandering around in our home, too. Also, we know that cockroaches came to our house looking for food and an unclean environment. But like cockroaches or mosquitoes, bed bugs don't come because of the messy surroundings. Surprised! Bed bugs can enter the home even after you have an utterly clean home. They enter your house with your travel belongings, goods, and clothes.

Risk in Solution to bed bug:

We usually use DIY or call pest control to kill bed bugs. In both situations, the chemical is used to kill bed bugs which are bad for our health, especially the respiratory system. Using chemicals in your home could be even more dangerous if you have kids or golden-age people.

heat to treat bed bug


In the case of DIY, we buy some chemicals from stores that are made for spraying or using outside, and we unintentionally use them inside our home and spread them on our beds where everyone can get in touch with those harsh chemicals.

I suggest using some safer solutions like organic products instead of using chemicals.

Why do bed bugs come back?

One of The most familiar reasons for bed bugs returning is that you never fully get rid of them, and it takes only one egg of bed bugs to create their population again in your house. And the eggs are tiny to see with the naked eye if not on the upper surface. And mostly eggs are buried deep in cracks or cervixes, which are sometimes impossible to terminate for chemicals.

Also, one most common factors of bed bugs that keep coming back is that you keep visiting places that have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are tiny and can easily attach to your clothes without your knowledge and come to your house.

What to do to stop bed bug come back:

1.     Method selection:

Deciding how to terminate bed bugs from your house is significant. However, one wrong decision can make your complete effort and money useless.

2.     Traveling luggage:

bed bug in luggage


We go abroad, or somewhere else, our luggage is handled with other baggage and could be the most frequent and leading cause which will give way to bed bugs entering your house.

We need to take some precautions after coming back from somewhere. We can treat our luggage with heat, which will end the bed bug if any are attached to your luggage.

Heat is better than using any fuming gasses. It has no side effects and is a very effective way of killing bed bugs.

3.     Public places:

Hospitals, Movie Theaters, and hostels are the most ordinary public places we visit often and can have bed bugs, especially in government hospitals. They are stuck in seats in a movie theater and come back home with you, and your home is infested too.

If you visit such kinds of places, make sure to wash your belongings with hot or warm water. And place all dryer-safe clothing in the dryer for at least 45 minutes.

4.     Guest and neighbor:

Your neighbor and guest may have a bed bug problem, and if you visit them or they visit you, there is a big chance that you can also have bed bugs in the future.

So try to confirm that they don't have a bed bug infestation, and if they do, help them out to get rid of bed bugs, so you can also visit them freely.

5. Secondhand Furniture:

Scrutinize your home if you are bringing second-hand furniture and clothing.

As we have already discussed before, it's tough to get rid of bed bugs, and we usually use chemicals to get rid of them without even thinking about the causes they can do t us to and our families. I suggest you use organic or safer ways to kill bed bugs so that you and your family will live healthily.

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