Why do people use chemical pesticides despite organic pesticides?

Pest control products have achieved a wide range of use. Pest control uses both organic and chemical products. As long as the chemical organic product also has gained popularity. But the problem is the confusion about what to use?

It can make you curious if both ways give good results what is the difference between them? What makes one solution better than the other? The truth is organic is not better than chemical and vice versa. Both methods have disadvantages and benefits.

Chemical pesticide use

Chemicals are used widely for pest control purposes. They are a fast and reliable solution for pests. Most people opt for a chemical-based solution. Chemical pesticides are the substances that are used to terminate pest problems using customized chemicals.

Chemical uses are not only limited to the field they have made their great presence in the house also. But along with their fast solution, they come with great consequences. We use many things in our daily life and half of them contain chemicals. We are surrounded by chemicals.

Even the fruits we use are grown with the use of chemicals.

Benefits of chemical use

The primary benefit of chemical pesticide use is the consequences of pesticide. The pesticide will terminate the caterpillars that feed on crops. And the result will be good growth of crops, so ultimately consequences of pesticides work as benefits.

  1. One of the other benefits of chemical pesticides that are easily noticeable is they provide early results. Indian economy is largely dependent on the chemicals used as pesticide ingredients.

  2. It helps with keeping the food cheap along with allowing farmers to grow the different types of crops on the same field.

  3. Chemical pesticide also helps farmers to save the crops in less time.

The disadvantage of chemical use

The biggest disadvantage that pesticides have is – they are hazardous to health. Be it toxic food consumption or exposure while spraying on crops.
Chemicals are the reason behind environmental pollution as well and leave a negative effect on live species like bees, butterflies, and many more.

Pesticides also affect the process of natural pollination. By using chemical pesticides soil lost its long-term fertility. In short, chemicals provide a short time solution.

Benefits of organic pesticide use

Organic pesticides are not harmful to beneficial pests. Their harmful effect doesn’t last long so they are safer for the environment. Organic pesticides can take a little longer than chemicals but they provide long-term results.

The disadvantage of organic pesticide use

  • Even though organic pesticides are obtained from plants but some substances are still very toxic.

  • Organic pesticides are quite more expensive than chemical-based pesticides.

  • Organic pesticides are usually having 100 % effectiveness but effectively of some products can vary.

Organic use of chemical pesticides

Pesticides are made to treat pest problems and help you. Organic and chemical-based both have disadvantages and benefits. Sometimes it depends on your requirement to choose the right method.

On the other hand, the organic pesticide has the upper hand when it comes to safety. They may provide result quite slower than chemicals but gives long-term result and effectiveness.

  • Jun 13, 2022
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