Why house fly, mosquito, and cockroach are different from bacteria?

Insects like flies, mosquito, and cockroach are animal that has been on earth even before dinosaur time. Dinosaurs vanished with time but these little animals are still with us, even some insect has become shorter.

Whereas bacteria are single-celled organisms and exist in millions everywhere. Bacteria are the first organism that appeared on earth, about 4 billion years ago. Some bacteria can survive even in extreme conditions. Most bacteria carry out the useful purpose for plants and animals, but some are very harmful.

Do bacteria and insects look alike?

Bacteria are single-celled organism that is impossible to spot by the naked eye. Whereas insects are an organism, that has the three-part body, and completely different from bacteria.

Insects have a diverse group of animals and have more than a million different species including cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies. The insect has a body divided majorly into three parts known as “Head”, “Thorax”, and “Abdomen”.

pest bacteria difference
  1. The head part of the insect includes the antenna and eyes. Every insect has a pair of antenna for sensing and smell.

  2. Thorax involves pair of wings which can be varying in numbers with different species of insects. Cockroach includes two pairs of wings but flies only have one.

  3. The abdomen part consists pair of legs of insects.

Fun Fact: Flies can taste with their feet and can look behind them as well.

To look at bacteria one needs to have magnifying glass as they are negligible to see with the naked eye. Most bacteria are 0.2 um in width and 2-8 um in length and exist in communities. A bacterium has several shapes including spherical, rod-shaped, and spiral.

How insects and bacteria are different?

Bacteria and insects are different in every manner. They are different in size as we have discussed earlier. Although bacteria and insects both spread disease the method of each is different.

Bacteria exude toxins to make a person sick, whereas insects carry these bacteria or viruses, to transmit them to others and make them ill. Although bacteria are good for plants and animals, some of them excrete very harmful toxins.

Once a bacterium reaches your body they multiply so rapidly and this crowd kills cells and tissues in no time to make you weak. But sometimes they pass toxins that can paralyze, and precipitate the immune system, which itself is very dangerous.

How do bacteria and insects live?

Bacteria can be found anywhere in soil, water, surface, plants, ice, glacier, and spring. Most bacteria can grow only when there is oxygen. But some like aerobes and aerobic bacteria can grow in the condition of no oxygen Anaerobes and anaerobic to name a few.

Mesophiles and mesophilic are the bacteria that are mostly in charge of passing human infections. When the human body temperature is around 37°, it provides an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Some of the bacteria can live at high temperatures like 75 to 80°.

pest carry bacteria

Most insects like cockroaches and mosquitoes find filth, warmth, and moisture as an ideal place to live. And in search of food and a perfect environment, they enter your house. And make you ill sometimes by biting, sting, spreading unhygienic environments, and passing bacteria to you.

Whatever you say bacteria or an insect both have good and bad points. As the bacteria can be good for plants and soil as well it can destroy them too, and be dangerous for human health. Same with insects for example ants can fertilize the soil but ants infestation can spoil the fertility of the soil.




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