Why is termite visible when treatment is given the same day?

Termite infestation is a problem that no one would ever want. The biggest problem with a termite infestation is they can’t be easily noticed t starting stage. And till the termite infestation goes to considerate numbers, they become hard to deal with.

Termites damage the billion worth of furniture or property. Depending on the type of termite type they can cause damage to wet and dry both kinds of wood. They are tiny-sized and need almost no space to enter your home. Termite can stay in your house boundaries for months, and you do not even notice.

Sign of termite infestation

Examine to find out if there is any hollow space in your furniture, and food surface.

If you are having trail mud on the sides of your home, and seeing dried mud near door joints you are having either termite or carpenter ants infestation.

Identify the termite swarms if you have any. Ant and termite swarms kind of look similar, so observe thoroughly.

Termite wings are equal in size, ants have front wings longer. Ants' antennas are ninety degrees bent but termites have a straight antenna.

How long does it take to get rid of termites?

Termite treatment takes time according to infestation level. If you have an infestation in a larger area it can take a longer time. If you have multiple termite colonies and queens, it will take a few days to a week to terminate colonies completely.

This is also a case if only one termite queen is left then it can convert into a whole infestation again in just a month. This mostly happens when homeowners stop the process of termite infestation in mid-just when termites look like they are gone. Termite lives in colonies so treatment should be done until the last termite will die.

Does termite come back?

How much effort we put in sometimes the problem comes back after time and irritate us badly.

Termite will come back or not 90% depends on how your last treatment has gone. If you have a queen termite left alive in your last treatment then you get the termite back in just a month. Except that some other reasons are

  • If your property gets damaged by insects it’s more likely to have the problem.

  • If everything goes smoothly that in some cases termites find their way back after a few years.

  • Most of the time having retreatment for a termite is a good option to ensure their termination.

Prevention methods

  1. Prevention is a great way to keep the pest away from your house after getting rid of them.

  2. Behind termite infestation, in the foundation, the biggest reason is poor ventilation. So leave enough space between wood and soil for air ventilation during construction.

  3. Cracks and gaps allow the pest to enter your house. So make sure not to leave any gaps and cracks in a cement wall.

  4. Moisture and warmth are pests’ most favorable environments. So if are having any leakage problems that will act as an invitation to pests like termites and roaches.

  5. Inspection is a good and efficient way to keep your house's health in check. Inspect your house periodically to confirm that you are not having any kind of pest infestation. If you found any then having an early solution for the problem gives great results without much damage.


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