Write any four precautions/methods to prevent mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not just annoying and drive you crazy by whining in your ear and itching. Mosquito carry diseases that make ill more than 700 million people every year. In the first place, it's best to prevent mosquitoes enter your house.

Especially with summer peeking mosquitoes become very active. During the summer and rainy season, it’s always been a concern to avoid getting beaten by a mosquito. At the place with mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya mosquito become a threat to people.

So here are some ways to protect yourself from mosquito bites and evil mosquitoes.

Keep mosquito out of your home

Use either mesh windows, doors or use the screen at door, windows. After door and windows vent and chimney are mosquito favorite places to get inside your home. Maintain the area so they can’t enter your home at first.

Don’t let clutter and litter collect around your home. Clutter will provide mosquitoes a place to stay and end increase the chance of mosquitoes getting inside your home.

Keep the surrounding of your home clean.

Spray insect/mosquito repellent around your home

Repellent sprays are made for inside and as well as outside use. Most of the repellent consists of Deet, Picaridin, and PMD as active ingredients. These are ingredients considered safe if used according to instruction.




Repellent with chemicals like deet may be safe if a person with enough knowledge uses it. But for others chemical-based insecticides are risky. In addition to that if you have kids around it can turn into a worse case.

Insecticide repellent also imposes a bad impact on the environment and ecosystem.

Organic Repellent

Organic repellents are a safe alternative for mosquito treatment. Organic mosquito repellents are based on essential oil (plant extracts). Using the organic product will provide slow but better and safer results. In some cases, you can find organic solutions working as fast as a synthetic products.


organic mosquito killer


Note – you can use Pai’s Organic Mosquito Killer Safe to use around kids and safe for the ecosystem.

Keep an eye on mosquito breeding

Mosquito breeding is a big source to turn the mosquito problem into an infestation. Especially mosquito breeding around your house will make mosquitoes enter your house too.

Dump standing water

  • Mosquito breed in dumping water. So it’s best to remove all the sources for dumping water.

  • To start cleaning your yard and remove all the empty pots, tires, empty boxes from the yard.

  • Keep the drainage system in check.

  • Keep the water for birds and animals clean.

  • Keep the garden and lawn trimmed so that mosquitoes can’t hide in them.

Make yourself less appealing

Do you sometimes think “why I am the mosquito favorite and they don’t bite others?” The reason may be because you are the one who invites them towards you by wearing something bright or deep.

Mosquito is attracted to co2 or has more bacteria on you as they emit some odor as they like it. Wearing strong odor perfumes also sometimes becomes the reason for mosquito invitation.

Wear full and light color clothes.

Mosquito is highly attracted to colors like black, blue, red, and yellow – as they stand out.


Mosquitoes are effectively active at dusk and dawn. So either stay inside at that time or if going out is necessary then wear full sleeve clothes and mosquito repellent lotion.

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