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Pest Control plant: Mostly everyone owns their mini garden. And we all know plants need much care and in today’s world we don’t have time so we are not able to show much care to our plants and the consequences are the plant life is reduced. The major reason behind the plants reduced life is pest infestation also it could be because of too much or too less water, heat, fertilizer, and sunlight.

Do you know one of the incredible factors of planting is plants can take care of itself. But that doesn’t mean that you will abandon yourself from taking care of your garden. But you can lower down your gardening work of gardening by growing some pest control plants. This will keep away the pest from your plant.

What plant could be used :

There are several plants available easily and work as pest control for gardens and also they make your gorgeous garden even more marvelous. And some of these plants are also useful for your kitchen.

1) Marigolds: In recent researches found out that Marigold is one of the most common plants which produces insect repelling chemicals and keeps the problem of white fly infestation away from your garden and kills bad nematodes. And it will also keep the mosquitoes away from the garden. It mostly keeps the pest away from vegetables and ornamental plants. Marigolds also increase the adorability of your garden and provide a pleasant aroma around it.

2) Lemongrass: Lemongrass is known as the ideal for pest control because of its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Insects are repelled by lemon grass because of its citral content. In some illustration lemongrass oil also fights against Deet and protects your garden from predatory mosquitoes.

3) Artemisia: This plant has a strong antiseptic that repels insects including ants, flea beetles, cabbage looper, carrot fly and also white flies. It has quite an unpleasant aroma which repels most insects.

4) Lavender: Lavender repels fleas, moths, mosquitoes, and many other pests. Lavender extracts some oil from it which is great mosquitoes repellent. Also Lavender carries fresh aroma which will fill your garden with freshness and the delicate blue booms which lavender flowers have will give a dazzling view to your garden.

5) Catnip: Catnips almost repels every pest in your garden including fleas, aphides, Japanese beetles, squash, ants, and weevils. And the essential oil in catnips gives plants some odor and it is ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than Deet.

Pest control can be done just by growing some plants in your mini garden and also for indoor doors too. This will give you fresh aroma to your house and garden also. Although the behavior of every garden is different, one plant that works for my garden might not work for your garden but there is no way that would harm your garden too.