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Pai Organics Epsom Bath Salt For Aches Pain And Muscle Relief 900gm

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Brand: Pai Organics

Color: White


  • Muscle Soak Bath Salt Natural Bath Soak with Pure Epsom Salt, in a natural white color.

  • Cleanse, Soften & Detoxify Skin: Soaking in Muscle Soak helps to cleanse pores, soften skin and remove toxins from the skin and body.

  • Safe * No Paraben  * No Phthalate  * No SLS.

  • This is perfect for those who want a natural product to help with chronic pain, fitness-related aches, and general stress on the body.

  • "Directions:- Add two cups of Epsom Salt to warm running bath water Settle in and soak for 20 minutes to help relieve stress and stiffness 2 Mix one cup of Epsom Salt with warm water in a foot bath and soak feet for 10 minutes to help soothe aches and soften rough skin"


Epsom Salt is a natural remedy for soothing tired, aching muscles.

Research has supported many health benefits from the pure minerals in Epsom Salt including, Calming Magnesium.

Calming Magnesium

Magnesium has been known to ease stress, improve sleep, and boost concentration. This mineral also helps muscles and nerves function properly and regulates the activity of over 300 enzymes.

Detoxifying Sulfates

Sulfates are known to flush toxins, improve absorption of nutrients, and help form joint proteins. 

All Natural

Our variety of Epsom Salt is pure Magnesium Sulfate. When adding Epsom salt to your bath you will see why the quality is superior.

For Garden Too

Epsom Salt is not only great for soaking, but it's also beneficial for use around the garden. Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) is the ideal plant food for helping your flowers, fruits, and vegetables grow. It works wonders on Tomatoes, Roses, and Lawns. Using Epsom Salt for plants is a completely natural and cost-efficient way to give plants that extra boost to help them thrive.