Pai Organics Plant Care kit -Vermi Compost, Plant Pesticide (Plant Protector), Potting Soil & Soil Booster

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Brand: Pai Organics


  • Content:- Pack of 4, Vermi compost , Plant pestiside (Plant Protector), Potting Soil, Soil Booster.
  • Source of balanced plant nutrient, Provides excellent effect in overall plant growth, shoot and root development.
  • Best quality & highly effective full pack of plant growth for home & garden plants.
  • Good all-purpose soil for planting, seeding, filling and levelling, Ready to Use, No further mixing required.
  • Vermi compost (2 KG), Plant pestiside(Plant Protector-250 G), Potting Soil (2 KG), Soil Booster (1 KG )

Details: Plant Protector
Pai Organics Plant protector is an alternative to chemical pesticides and disease control options to keep the plants beautiful and bountiful. Pai's plant protector kills a variety of leaf feeding caterpillars and worms, including corn earthworm, bollworm and many more insect.
Soil Booster
It helps to improve the Soil aeration, It Enriches soil with Micro-organisms.100 per cent organic. You can use it for seed nursery or for the planting of existing plants. Provides nutrition, and the right environment for the roots of all types of plants.
Pai Organics Vermicompost is an all-purpose nature made fertilizer that comes straight from nature with no alteration. It's made by decomposing all organics waste to make it available for naturally grown plants. It will make the soil plant-friendly through better aeration, water retention and providing the salts like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash, and Sulfer.
Ready Mix Potting Soil
Minimizes Soil-Borne Diseases And Weed Growth Around Plants.
Free From Compaction Over Time And Lite-Weight.
The Organic Fertilizer Gives Your Potted Plants A Perfect Growing Environment.