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Pai's Organic Parasite Killer Dog Tick Killer All In One For All Animals 1kg

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Brand: Pai's

Color: Whitish


  • 100% Organic and Natural - Flea & Tick Powder contains natural minerals to make it very effective against exoskeleton pests infecting your pets.

  • Kills All Types of Ticks and Reduces Pets Stress - It can be used against dog ticks, cat ticks, fleas, etc natural pest control solution for your pets. Its sharp crystals cut ticks' outer skin and dry them up.

  • Non-Toxic and Chemical-Free - Apply on an animal coat. need to keep it dry spread across target areas for 48-72 hours to see its effectiveness.

  • Unique Designing - Kills and Repels Fleas and Insects - Easy to use flea, tick, and insect killer powder utilizing the power of time-tested ingredients recommended by many holistic vets around the world. Specially designed for pest control and prevention while keeping your pets safe.

  • Safe For Cats, Dogs, Horses, Mice, Rats, Cows, Buffalos - Can be used for flea infestation or as a means to prevent an infestation


a. Mode of action for insect and parasite control is strictly mechanical. The microscopically sharp edges contact the insect or parasite & pierce their protective coating, so they soon dehydrate and die.

b. The powder needs to apply as a talcum powder for fleas, lice, and other external pests by rubbing on the coat of the Animals.

c. The larvae are affected in the same way. This makes it an excellent and totally natural control, with no indication of mechanical or chemical damage to the animal tissue.

d. Both internal and external parasite and insect pest control will improve health, appearance, behavior, and feed assimilation, which means improved weight gain and lowered feed cost, and a healthy animal gives more milk.

e. This is a natural deforming agent too. Benefits 100 % natural and safe organic media to control insects and parasites. Kills insects and pests mechanically and hence insects cannot develop immunity.

f. No added harmful chemicals. Improvement in health, appearance, and behavior is observed after feeding animals with Siliceous Fossil Control.

g. It is 100 % organic. It is a non-toxic, safe substance made up of crushed fossils of sedimentary deposits of marine life. Crushed to a fine powder and observed through a microscope, the particles resemble bits of broken glass. Deadly to any insect and completely harmless to animals, fish, fowl, or food.

Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 5.8 x 1.1 inches