Anti roach gel - side effects and how to use?

Cockroaches are troublemaker pests. They can make anyone disgusted at first sight. And if are also disgusted with these pests you are not alone. Cockroaches bring nuisance all over the world. Every next home deal with a roach problem, the only difference is the infestation level.

The best and most convenient solution for roach pest control is gel bait. Cockroach gel bait (Cockroach Dot) is structured with an advanced formula. Gel bait attracts the roaches to consume it. 

How to use gel bait

Gel bait is a formula that is specially designed to lure roaches and consume the bait. Once cockroaches eat the bait, they don’t die instantly. Instead, the roach gets back to its nest to inform others and dies in a few minutes. 

When other cockroaches come in contact with dead roaches they also get affected by gel bait. And this process will result in the termination of the whole nest. Gel bait is one of the safest and most effective ways to put an end to a roach infestation. 

The use of roach gel bait properly will get you the best results. 

How to apply

  1. In case of moderate roach infestation use 1 to 3 dots of gel bait dots every 1 meter.
  2. For heavy infestation use 3 to 5 dots every 10 linear feet. You can use this amount in case you want fast results too.

Make sure to apply the bait dots in dry areas only. The kitchen mostly suffers from roach infestation. So make sure to apply the bait in every corner and drawer in the kitchen. Using just a grain-sized small dot will be more than enough while using a cockroach dot. One 20 gm roach tube will be enough for your house (for one time). 

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It depends on the fact that you have an infestation for bait application. But it will be best to apply every first application. Apply the bait in cupboards, door hinges, under selves, behind the refrigerator, corner, etc. Don’t miss the cracks they are tiny and can present there. 

Other areas like under the sink, gas cylinder area, other rooms, and the places where you often notice roaches are also important.

Note – Gel bait losses its ability to kill cockroaches if used in areas where moisture and water are present. Other water will wash off the bait and it will be of no use. You should also avoid water-prone areas.

Reply treatment

Reply again will get a permanent solution. According to your infestation level for high infestation apply the bait again in 7 days. Or notice the applied bait quantity when the applied one got finished then you should re-apply the bait. In case of moderate and low infestation repeat the application in 45 days.

Side effects of roach gel

Fipronil-based roach gel bait is not much harmful to pets and humans. If someone consumed the bait by mistake, you may suffer from nausea, vomiting, or feel uneasy at max. It’s not deadly for humans but for roaches it is hazardous. This is also the reason why roach gel bait considers as the most effective and safest solution to use against cockroaches.


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